5 Ways to Appear Confident (Even When You Don’t Feel It)

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Most of us would love to appear confident even when we don’t feel it. For some, confidence comes naturally while for others it can be harder to achieve. Lucky for those of us who may struggle with feeling confident, there are tricks to help us feel better about ourselves. Read the tips below and start feeling more confident today!

Stop Caring What Others Think

This may be easier said than done, but once you’ve learned how to ignore what others may (or may not) be thinking about you, you will find that you feel a lot better about yourself. It’s human nature to want to impress others, but it’s easy to let this take control of your mind and make you think that what others are thinking of you is the most important thing. This is totally wrong! What you think of yourself is what matters most and there is no better way to appear confident than to not think about what others are thinking of you.

Dress to Impress…Yourself

Let your personal style show. If you don’t like what you have on, there is no way you will feel confident when stepping out into your day. Figuring out your personal style and mixing that into what you wear will help you stay connected to your true personality, thus making you feel more confident when you wear it. Because your outfit is likely the first thing others notice about you when you meet them, developing a go-to signature look will help you stand out and feel great about yourself. After all, when you look your best, you feel your best!

Maintain Eye Contact

This one is huge. Eye contact while speaking to others is crucial when trying to increase your perceived confidence. The more you look around or don’t hold eye contact, the less confident and more inattentive you’ll appear. Be sure to maintain eye contact when others are speaking to you as well. It’s okay to take occasional breaks and look away (you don’t want to come across creepy by staring them down the entire conversation!), but maintaining proper eye contact is a surefire way to appear confident to others.

Stand Up Tall

Aside from the added health benefits, good posture gives off the impression of self-confidence. Being hunched over or slouched down when you are standing or walking is a sign of weakness and being uncertain about yourself. Even those who sit for a living, like CEO’ of fortune 500 companies, must sit up straight and tall to exude confidence. It’s unlikely competitors would take them seriously if they were hunched over, don’t think you think? Whether you’re in gym shoes or heels, casual wear or a business suit, remembering to sit, stand and walk straight and tall is a great way to appear more confident and make you more attractive to others.

Be Positive About Yourself

Risk takers are more confident in nature than the risk adverse. This is true in anything from fashion to playing poker. No matter if you’re a runway model striking the perfect pose or a professional Texas Hold’em player staring down your competition for days on end at tournaments. “Your appearance at the table affects the way opponents play against you,” said the former Global Poker Index Player of the Decade Top 10 nominee, Shannon Shorr. “We’re all subconsciously making assumptions about others given the limited information that we have, so appearance is a big one.”

Chances are you are your worst critic. If you’re constantly berating yourself there is no way you can feel confident about yourself, right? Continuously remind yourself of your good qualities, what you’ve accomplished in life, times you’ve been there to help others out, nice things others have said about you, etc. Don’t make the mistake of constantly focusing on negative things. Compliment yourself every day!

The bottom line is exuding confidence is all about the perception others have of you. So, remember, above everything else, to be yourself. You can’t be confident if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. Now stand up straight, give yourself a compliment, and go tackle your day!

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