5 Ways to Add Extra Storage to Your House

It’s a never-ending question, “what to do with all your stuff.” We seem to collect so many things throughout our lives, and in the end, we run out of storage. If you’re running out of places to store all your things, then it might be time to take a look at some innovative solutions.

With these five ways to add extra storage to your house, you can make the most of the space you do have and find the right place for all your things.

The Ottoman is Your Friend

Ottoman’s are a great feature to introduce into your home. Not only do they look great and give you something to put your feet on when you’re relaxing in the living room, but they’re also great for storage.

An Ottoman with a good storage compartment is like having an extra cupboard in the house, and they can fit into virtually any room. A few Ottoman’s strategically placed throughout your house can boost your storage capacity while also looking great.

Portable Storage Solutions

If you’ve got a little bit of extra space outdoors, then equipment storage buildings can be the ideal solution. These aren’t permanent structures, so you don’t need permission to put them up, and they can provide great storage for large equipment.

This helps you keep items such as lawnmowers out of the elements, freeing up more storage space for you in the house, garage, or shed. Equipment storage buildings are easy to put up and an economical way of adding extra storage.

Tidy Up the Garage

Speaking of the garage, this is a place where you can easily free up some extra storage. Often people have an “out of sight out of mind” policy with the garage, and items accumulate in there.

However, this is a valuable storage space, so it pays to get organized. Get rid of the things you don’t need anymore, and make sure everything else is tidy. If you haven’t used something in the last year, then the chances are you can get rid of it. Have a clear-out and make space for the things you do use.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Think your storage space is limited to the areas you can reach? If you’re not making the most of vertical spaces, then you’re missing out on lots of storage.

You don’t need easy access to everything you store, and high-up shelves are ideal for these items. It’s easy to think you need to reach your storage spots, but it’s not always the case. If your storage isn’t going high enough, then you might be missing out on valuable space.

Break Out the Hooks

Hooks have to be one of the simplest ways to add extra storage. If you’ve got things you don’t mind being on display, then you can simply bang in some hooks and hang them up.

Hooks are simple yet effective and can add to your storage options: easy storage, easy access – a storage must-have.


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