5 Upscale Apartment Amenities for an Enhanced Luxury Lifestyle

In the world of upscale living, the right apartment amenities can make all the difference. From cutting-edge smart access systems and state-of-the-art fitness facilities, to tiny conveniences we mostly overlook, this article explores five upscale apartment amenities that will take your luxury living experience to the next level.

Smart access solutions

It’s imperative for contemporary rental properties to incorporate modernized access control systems. No matter the residents’ demographic, a quick and secure means of entry for themselves and their guests, while keeping unauthorized individuals out, is a universally desirable feature.

Intelligent video intercoms at upscale property entrances are a great example. With dedicated smartphone applications and the added layer of facial recognition, residents can unlock doors and gates remotely, while also monitoring anyone requesting access to the property. This eliminates the need for physical keys or key fobs, offering a heightened level of convenience.

On the other hand, physical keypads are an excellent solution for regulating entry to shared spaces like amenities and common lounges. Residents can securely access these areas by utilizing a personal identification code or, once again, leveraging their smartphones.

In these ways, smart access systems not only enhance security but also increase convenience and appeal. A person aiming for luxury living will appreciate being able to control their locks and surveillance from their phone instead of fiddling with keys all the time.

For that purpose, the apartment complex’s access system must seamlessly integrate with various property technology (proptech) elements such as smart locks, alarm configurations, and property management software.

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AC and central heating

In locations where extreme temperatures are common, people often prioritize high quality air conditioning and central heating solutions. The better these features are, the more comfortable the space, and the more pleasant living in it will be.

Smart thermostats can make or break the impact of these solutions. Properly utilizing a reliable smart thermostat lets a person modify the heating based on various factors, including the time of day, weather conditions, occupancy (such as lowering the temperature while on vacation), and even medical conditions (such as fever, chills, or hot flashes).

In addition to personalizing comfort, this convenient feature empowers tenants to manage their energy usage, thereby enabling them to dramatically save on utility bills.

With that all said, some tenants might prefer a multipurpose and versatile home air conditioner as an alternative to separate AC and heating systems. Modern AC units are designed to both cool and heat a home, making them highly sought after by individuals residing in rental properties.

Home offices and coworking spaces

To meet the needs of the flexible post-pandemic workforce, contemporary luxury apartments must accommodate the demand for home offices and coworking spaces. In fact, finding an apartment that caters to the remote work lifestyle without sacrificing the comforts of home is a major factor in the modern renter’s decision to invest in a luxury property as opposed to a generic rental.

While home offices are already fairly common and often personalized to individual preferences, turning coworking spaces into an impressive amenity can dramatically level up the lux living experience. Modern professionals prioritize efficient and face-to-face interactions, avoiding the frustrations of laggy video conferences.

A well-designed coworking amenity should have the following features:

  • Individual workstations
  • Spacious collaboration spots
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seating options
  • Reliable access to high-speed WiFi
  • Access to communal computers, printers, scanners, and essential stationery supplies
  • Thoughtful touches such as snack corners, self-serve kitchens, and coffee stations

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Fitness facilities

Health-conscious individuals today prioritize their well-being and seek dedicated exercise spaces. When it comes to luxury apartments for rent, it is essential to address this need by providing an on-site gym facility. To truly cater to residents’ requirements, the gym should offer designated time slots for busy professionals and ensure ample privacy for those who prefer individual workout sessions.

To enhance the overall experience, property managers should consider employing professional in-house fitness instructors. However, to truly exude luxury, the fitness facility should go beyond the traditional gym setup and offer a diverse range of fitness activities. This may include yoga studios, dance programs, indoor sports courts, and amenities like steam rooms for post-exercise relaxation.

Safe package storage

In today’s predominantly online shopping landscape, the need for secure shipment storage is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, it’s far easier for dishonest neighbors and visitors to nab a parcel from the hallways of an apartment building than a wide-open front yard facing a residential street with houses.

That’s why apartment residents will highly value secure lockers or other types of dedicated storage spaces to hold their packages. Parcel storage facilities offer accessibility and convenience as well as security. Tenants can retrieve their shipments in their own time, without the hassle of going to a post office or working out contact with a courier service.

Ironically, even though it’s obviously valuable, this feature isn’t commonplace yet. An apartment complex that has the foresight to install safe package storage in addition to standard mailboxes will definitely stand out. It’s one of those amenities that’s tiny until you need it – then it becomes a big difference between basic comfort and actual luxury.

To sum up, a luxury apartment complex can very easily level up the quality of the renters’ experience with a few simple strategies. The key is to invest in those aspects of lifestyle that are often overlooked, but that subtly make a big difference.

These include modernized access control, comfortable setups for remote and hybrid workers, energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions such as multipurpose home AC, as well as versatile fitness and wellness facilities on-site.

As a bonus, enhancing the modern shopper experience with secure parcel storage shows that a property really cares for its tenants’ convenience and ease of mind.

Mike Johnston

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