5 Unique Medical Uses for CBD Oil

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The use of marijuana for medical conditions has been common practice in various areas around the world for thousands of years. The western world is only recently beginning to accept that marijuana is a viable means for treating symptoms of some diseases affecting people across America. While research is still new, more people are turning to medical marijuana for relief.

When you go into a SF dispensary, you may notice a varying crowd. While people may think the people who frequent the dispensaries are hippies and people looking for their next high, that isn’t the case. Many people are there to relieve their symptoms and to move toward a higher quality of life. Let’s now go on to look into the five unique medical uses for CBD oil for those that want to experience the benefits of marijuana without using it in the traditional sense.


HIV/AIDS is a group of conditions caused by the human immunodeficiency virus aka HIV. HIV has infected around 35 million people globally, and there have been 36 million deaths because of this disease since the 1980s. Cannabis has shown to be helpful in treating several symptoms that occur in those that have HIV/AIDS.

Cannabis has been shown to help increase appetite in those that have HIV/AIDS. Not having the desire to eat is one of the symptoms of this disease and can cause major health problems.

Those with HIV/AIDS also experience the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Mood Swings & Depression
  • Pains (Joint, nerve, muscle)

The symptoms mentioned above have been helped by the use of cannabis, and there have been various studies done that have shown this to be true.

2. Anti-Acne

Who would have thought that weed could be what we need to clear our skin? One blogger did a 21-day study of how CBD oil helped her skin. The results are obvious, and there are likely to be clinical research coming to light in the next years as people begin to use CBD oil to help the look and feel of their skin.

With over 50 million people in the world that suffer from acne and over 1 billion dollars spent each year to get rid of it, having a natural way to treat acne is something to get excited about.

CBD oil works to help skin look better because of its anti-inflammatory properties that may work to help with the reduction of visible inflammation that is caused by clogged hair follicles. CBD oil may also help treat acne in other ways as well.

3. Anxiety Relief

While anxiety is something that is in place in our minds to keep us safe from threats and help us deal with different situations, there are unhealthy anxieties that keep us from being able to function properly. Many of these anxieties are treated by various pharmaceuticals. The only problem with using these drugs is that they often create dependencies as well as cause harmful side effects.

Using CBD oil can help manage anxiety with its powerful anti-anxiety properties. Each person reacts differently to CBD oil and marijuana, so you won’t know how CBD oil will work for you until you use it.

4. Anti-Seizure

According to WebMD, a low dose of CBD liquid eases epilepsy seizures. A new clinical trial says that less is more in the case of CBD oil and seizures. Doctors are recommending the use of CBD oil to the most challenging types of seizures that cannot normally be treated by pharmaceuticals.

Seizures are a very serious condition and can keep people from living their life to the fullest. The use of CBD oil may have little to no side effects and as more studies come out, the more we learn about the benefits of CBD oil.

5. Pain Relief

CBD oil is being used for some people that experience chronic pain. CBD oil may reduce pain in nerves, joints, and muscles. For those that are already using pain medications like opioids, CBD oil can be a good alternative to ensure they are using a method that is not habit forming. Opioids can cause serious problems and side effects while relieving pain while CBD oil may not cause any side effects at all.

Should You Use CBD Oil for Your Condition?

You may be wondering if you should use CBD oil for your specific problem. Knowing whether you should use CBD oil is not as simple as making the decision. You need to speak with your doctor to see if it is the best course of action for your specific situation. You may not be able to see the full picture of your health so asking your doctor about how to move forward is the best thing you can do.

Using CBD oil or anything made from cannabis may affect you different than the next person. Some people do not notice any negative side effects while some people might feel anxious. Work with your doctor to find the best solution for you.


While there are many advances in the medical field, there are many people that are not yet open to the use of medical marijuana or CBD oil. The five medical uses above are only scratching the surface, and as more studies come out, people are beginning to see the application of CBD oil is going up vs. people moving back to traditional medications. As more progress is made, more states are adopting medical marijuana and even recreational marijuana.


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