5 Tricks For Decorating Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

The kitchen is a central space in any home. In family homes, it’s a gathering place where everybody can cook and sit down for meals together. For other people, it’s a space for hosting dinner parties and entertaining friends and family. A lot of people would say that it’s the most important room in the house for them, which is why it’s usually first on the list when it comes to decorating your home.


Kitchens also get a lot of wear and tear because you’re using the room very often and cooking and cleaning takes its toll, so they do tend to need a good facelift every so often. The only problem is, doing up your kitchen can be really expensive. In other rooms of the house, the bedroom, for example, a new coat of paint and maybe a few pieces of furniture is all you need to get it looking great again. But if the kitchen hasn’t been done for a while, you might have to replace all of the cabinets, buy new appliances, and put new flooring down, which is so expensive. A lot of people just can’t afford to spend that much on a new kitchen so they just make do with the old one and try to find a way to live with it, but you don’t have to do that because you can have the best of both worlds. It’s still possible to decorate your kitchen and get it looking great without emptying your bank account. These are some of the easiest ways to save loads of money on a kitchen renovation.

Ignore Sales

If you see a kitchen showroom with a huge sign outside promising 50 percent of all kitchen ranges, you’ll probably rush inside. It’s a great deal and it’s so lucky that it’s available when you’re thinking about decorating the kitchen, or so you would think. But before you get ahead of yourself, you should know that a lot of the time, the prices will have been inflated in the months leading up to the sale and then pushed back down again. You might still be making a bit of a saving but it’s more likely to be 5 or 10 percent, not the impressive 50 percent that they’re promising. There’s no guarantee that the quality is going to be that good either, but a lot of people rush into a purchase because of the sale and end up with a kitchen that isn’t that great when they could have gone elsewhere and got a better kitchen for the same price.

The best thing to do is to compare prices across a lot of different places and keep an eye on them for a few months before you decide anything. That will give you the chance to see what the standard prices are like and you’ll be able to tell whether a deal is really a deal or not.

Don’t Replace The Cabinets

Replacing all of the cabinets in the kitchen is one of the most expensive bits of decorating the kitchen but most people don’t realize that it isn’t always necessary. If the cabinets have been in the kitchen for years and they’ve seen better days, you might want to replace the whole thing. But most of the time, the inside of the cabinets is fine, it’s just a bit of wear and tear on the doors. It’s a lot cheaper to just replace the doors instead of swapping out the whole cabinet and it’s a lot quicker as well. The effect will be the same and the kitchen will still look brand new, but it’ll be a fraction of the price. If you’ve got wooden kitchen cabinets, you could save yourself even more money by sanding the doors down and refinishing them. Swap the handles out and you’ve got a set of doors that look completely new and it costs next to nothing.

Fix Instead Of Replacing Appliances


Appliances are another big cost but there are some simple ways that you can save yourself a lot of money. If you’ve got appliances that are decades old, they won’t be very energy efficient and they probably don’t work that well, so it’s a good idea to replace them. But a lot of people are too quick to replace things when they could just repair them instead. Before you start buying new stuff, think about whether you really need to spend that money. Is your washing machine completely useless or could you get a washer repair company to fix it for you instead of buying a new one? Does the oven need replacing completely or could you replace a few parts and make do with what you’ve already got? The cost of repairing this stuff is nothing compared to replacing it and it’s more eco-friendly as well, so make sure that you don’t rush into replacing everything straight away.

Shop For Appliances Online

In some cases, you won’t be able to repair your appliances and you’ll need to buy new ones. When you’re picking out cabinets or new flooring etc. it’s a good idea to go into a showroom so you can get a proper look at things before you make your decision but you don’t really need to do that with the appliances. They’re all going to be the same regardless of where you buy them so you can shop for them online and save yourself a lot of money. They’re almost always cheaper online and you’ll get more choice as well. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to ignore the big brand names as well because the lesser known brands will do exactly the same thing for less money.

Source The Worktop Yourself


Kitchen showrooms charge a premium for worktops, but you can easily source them for yourself if you’re using a wood or laminate worktop. Or get a white corian worktop that combines resin and natural minerals. If you buy the lengths of worktop yourself and have the kitchen fitter cut them to size and install them, it’ll be so much cheaper than buying them through the kitchen company.

Decorating your kitchen can be incredibly expensive but if you use these simple tricks, you can easily do it on a budget.

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