5 Tools You Must Use When Working From Home

remote working

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we perceive office work. Remote working and working from home has become very common, and it’s being observed that this trend is here to stay. Most officers in the future will work in hybrid mode or go completely remote.

Working from home has helped in increasing productivity, saving on travel costs and providing a better focus for employees. When working from home, it is essential to have the right tools at your disposal to complete all your tasks impeccably and make all your work easier.

Given below are 5 tools you must use when working from home.

Tools for File storage

A very important tool required for work from home is a file storage tool. Remote working will involve a lot of documents, and handling them and keeping them safe in one place is essential. Using tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft one drive and MediaFire can help you in easy file sharing, safe storage and easy access.

Choose a tool based on your comfort with the platform, the security provided, and how easy it is for you to send and receive any file through these tools.

Management tools

Working from home can get pretty hectic, and managing all your work efficiently and meeting deadlines can get difficult. For this, you need a productivity or management tool which will help in organizing all your tasks in one place, give you all the necessary details and tell you how much time you have to complete each task. Multiple good productivity management tools help you focus better, complete your task from time and be on track with all the work.

Some good management tools are Trello, Notion and Todoist. For more suggestions on software and how to choose the best one check out Truely.com.

Google docs

Making a project report or writing a proposal is easier with Google Docs

This is an essential tool in your work-from-home inventory, which is very flexible and helps in easy sharing and editing. It is a go-to tool for many professional workspaces because of easy collaborating features, auto savings and a large number of formatting options available. Suggesting edits in Google Docs is also extremely easy. You can work together on group tasks and submit all essential tasks on time.

PDF converter

Gone are the days when you were supposed to send images or word files for professional work. The world has shifted to PDF completely, and period files are being used everywhere. It is widely acceptable, accessible and portable. Opening them from any device is now possible, and these work fine in any operating system. You can also easily convert PDF to Word free.

PDF files take up less space, and because of their compactness, multiple files can be stored in one place in less storage. They also have a built-in security feature and encryption to ensure the document is safe and does not land in the wrong hands. Use a PDF converter to Word to access files in any format you want.

Make your work-from-home life a joy ride with these efficient tools. Stay up to date on all your worth and become the best employee in your company.

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