5 Tips to Set Up a Successful Home Office

home office

With over a quarter of people doing at least some work from home, more and more people are setting up an office space in their own home. There’s plenty of advantages to setting up a home office, but it’s important to do it right. Give your workspace a kick-start with these five easy tips to create a space you’ll want to go back to again and again.

  • Get the right chair

Save your spine! Our backs are important, and reusing a standard dining chair or stool won’t provide the support you really need. Invest in a chair that you can sit in for hours on end, day after day, without causing pain and will look great in your home, too! High-quality office chairs increase productivity and keep you comfortable, focused and on-task.

  • Don’t make it sociable

Leave work at work and home at home. Make sure your home office is separated from the rest of your home, and people know not to disturb you. If you can’t use a dedicated room for your work, then find some low-cost wooden or bamboo screens you can use to partition your workspace from your living or dining room. If you’ve got family members that tend to intrude, hang a ‘working’ sign on the back of your chair as a subtle reminder that you’re indisposed.

  • Keep it simple

Websites like Pinterest and Instagram are full of beautiful ornate home offices with organizer drawers, rows of notebooks, charts and planners. Remember, many of those photos are really just designed to sell you more stuff. You don’t need three different notebooks to track your goals, or a complicated storage system on your desk. Keep your desk paired down to the minimum, and try to keep things like pencils and Post-It notes in a drawer. A simple and uncluttered workspace will keep your mind clear and focused.

  • Make sure it’s well-lit

Dim, dark corners aren’t very productive or pleasant to work in. If you can, work near a window so your home office will be full of natural light. Avoid placing your desk against a wall with your back to the window, as you are bent over working your shadow will make your work harder to read. If you can’t get a good sunny corner, or if you’re a night owl, then keep your workspace bright with a table lamp shining right where you need to read, write and type.

  • Be creative!

At the end of the day, this is your space to work in, and you have control over how it will look. This is the chance to hang pictures or photos of family members on the wall, include collectibles or small plants on your desk if you like. You have the freedom to decorate your office however you like, but make sure it won’t be too cluttered and full of distractions. Create something that will make you feel relaxed and at ease, rather than what’s trending on Instagram right now, and you’ll be right at home.

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