5 tips to decorate a kids room with wall stickers


Decorating a kids room,  or nursery room can be a challenge but with the right decoration like art prints, murals or wall stickers you can add instant personality to a room. Kids like playful spaces including unusual furniture and creative wall art makes a space more exciting and fun. And there’s no need to break the bank on wall art with these tips!

Tip 1 kids room decoration

Kids wall stickers are great to add a personal touch to a room. Decorate a bedroom, playroom or nursery room with these tree wall stickers to create contrast. If you want more depth in a room you can include decorative objects. If you don’t want to sticker your walls you can also place the wall stickers on furniture pieces like a closet for example.

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Tip 2 educational elements

Use playful imagery like animals to add flair to your child’s room or use educational elements to create a cheerful place that educates your kid at the same time. You can do this with educational wall stickers like letters or numbers for kids.

wall stickers, kids room

Tip 3  color tones

If you’re not sure what colors to choose start with 1 or 2 different color tones. There are a lot of wall stickers that are playful and create a peaceful atmosphere for your kid. Include furniture pieces to create color accents.

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Tip 4 bright vs soft colors

Is the room placed to a large window? Bright colors might be to overpowering its better to choose a softer color scheme in that case.  Another option is to choose colors that are closely related to each other this creates a more peaceful environment.

Tip 5 youthful atmosphere

If you want to create a playroom or a more active place vibrant and strong colored wall stickers are the best option. With the help of wall stickers its easy to create a magical place with a youthful atmosphere for your kids room!

wall stickers, kids room

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