5 Tips for Parents on Choosing Dancewear for Kids

If your child is beginning dance classes, you’ll want to think about dancewear. Dancewear for kids includes an array of clothing, depending on the type of dance they’re doing. 

To save you time and stress, we have everything you need to know when it comes to your kid’s dancewear. 

Dance Shoes 

Having the proper shoes for dancing is one of the essential parts of dancewear. Dance shoes support your child’s ankles when they are jumping and moving around.

Because ankle sprains are the number one dance injury, you’ll want to protect the ankles, which means buying good shoes!

The type of shoes you buy will depend on the kind of dance they’re doing. This can include character shoes, tap shoes, Hip-Hop sneakers, or jazz shoes. No matter which shoes you buy, make sure they fit your child’s fit properly to prevent injury. 


If your child is dancing several days a week, you’ll want to invest in a few leotards. Plus, it’s smart to always have a spare in the bag for emergencies. 

They’ll be wearing this to most dance classes, outside of Hip-Hop. They are standard and expected items for every dancer. 

Some dance instructors will have specific colors they prefer, so you may want to speak to them before buying anything. 

Dance Tights  

Another essential part of dancewear is tights. Most of the time, tights will be worn under your child’s leotard.

If they’re uncomfortable wearing tights, their instructor may allow leggings. But keep in mind that tights help the instructor see their movements and can help dancers engage their muscles

Because tights are thin, your child may get cold. If so, most studios will allow them to wear sweatpants over the tights. However, they may be asked to take them off once they walk in. 

Ballet Skirts 

While not a dance staple, ballet skirts can be an alternative to tights if your child is uncomfortable. They may not be allowed on stage, but most instructors (especially for beginning students) will allow them to practice in them. 

Though not as important as shoes, leotards, and tights, ballet skirts can still serve as a fun option. 

Dance Bag 

A dance bag is recommended for any dancer, including your child. A bag allows them to keep a water bottle handy and any extra clothing they may need. They can also keep any hair ties, medicine, or snacks with them while they’re practicing. 

A dance bag will keep your mind at ease, knowing your child has everything they need while in their classes.

Now You Know What’s Included in Dancewear for Kids 

Now you should have a general idea of what to get your kid for dancing.

If you’re worried, you can always ask their instructor about which items they suggest. It’s also helpful to talk to your kid about what type of dancewear they would be most comfortable wearing. 

This can give you at least an idea of where to start. 

Dancewear for kids doesn’t have to be stressful, once you have the main dance components included above, your child will be good to go!

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