5 Tips for Eating Out a Low Carb Diet

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Eating out in restaurants can be very challenging if you have a high carb intolerance or coeliac disease. A great technique to dine at restaurants and still reduce unwanted pounds is to make smart and better selections. Making more healthy choices is easier when dieters plan through researching guidebooks which provide information on the nutrition content of meal options available at particular dining establishments. A fantastic place for finding this information is surfing the web. Some sites such as KetoVale.com furnish these guides at no cost.

Here are five tips for ketogenic diet eating out in restaurants

#1. Conduct extensive research

You’ll find a lot of restaurant reviews from low carb bloggers on the internet, and you can also find information about which restaurants are gluten free on websites such as “The List” or “Urban spoon.”

#2. Ask if they will cater for people who are on a low carb diet

If the answer is yes, you may also want to ask about the choices available to you on the menu. I’ve been to other restaurants where I had only one or two options on the menu. If you are sensitive to high carb and react to cross contamination, it is also worthwhile asking how the restaurant prevents cross-contamination in the kitchen.

#3. Take a look at some restaurant menus on the internet

You have to be mindful of what you eat. Some restaurants use a lot of high carbs containing ingredients, whereas other restaurants don’t use as much. If you want to consider avoiding restaurants that use lots of flour, pastry, bread and other gluten containing ingredients. Make sure the foods they serve are keto friendly foods.

#4. Talk to the waiter or waitress

Remember to tell your waiter or waitress that you require low carb food, even if the menu in the restaurant has a low carb section in it.

#5. Double check everything

You can’t be too careful when eating out in restaurants on a ketogenic diet If you are served a meal that has obvious high in carbs it such as salad croutons, or bread on the plate, then is sure to send it back and ask for a fresh one.

In a restaurant situation people may need assistance in locating healthy ways to lose weight using the ketogenic diet. An appropriate method to reduce weight happens to be making meals within the home. Snacks and meals made in a restaurant normally are healthier for the reason people decide just how to cook them. People choose what kind of frying oil is utilized, how the food is made plus just how much salt is used.

For example, rather than using canola and vegetable oil people may desire to use extra virgin olive and coconut oils. Perhaps instead of utilizing processed sugar, an individual may choose to use Stevia. Stevia, extra virgin olive oil, and coconut oil happen to be better options compared to vegetable oil, refined sugar and canola oil. Stevia, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil promote fat loss while processed sugar, canola oil, and vegetable oil result in body weight gain. Therefore, changing to extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and Stevia will help in decreasing pounds.

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