5 Tips for comparing health insurance policies

Switching is a bit scary for many people. But the opposite is true! You want to save costs by paying less premium. We would like to help you take out the best health insurance with these 5 tips.

  1. Save on the supplementary insurance

Are you not satisfied with the basic insurance alone? Then you can also opt for additional insurance. This allows you, for example, to receive reimbursements for the dentist at high costs. So take a good look at what you need next year with the List of Medicare Advantage Plans.

  1. Save on your dental insurance

If you only go for an annual or semi-annual consultation, it is better not to include the dental costs. In that case, the premium exceeds the costs of the dentist. Do you go to the dentist more often for a more expensive procedure? Check which additional insurance is best for you.

  1. Save on physiotherapy

If exercising is not your daily hobby but you still feel fit, you may not need to take out physiotherapy insurance. But even in that case you may need physiotherapy. Are you a bit older or a real sports fanatic? Perhaps additional insurance is really necessary. Do you expect high costs for physiotherapy? Then adjust the health insurance accordingly.

  1. Insure your family members

Do you have children under 18? Then insure them in the policy of the parent with the most extensive cover. This way your child is best insured for free. Are you 18 or older? Then compare and choose the cheapest insurance.

  1. Check whether you are not double insured

For example, do you have continuous travel insurance including medical costs abroad? Then you are often already insured for unexpected healthcare costs worldwide. It is therefore wise to check whether additional health insurance is required for this.


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