5 Tips for Buying Sunglasses for Your Kids

Kids love to go out and play in the sun–whether they’re heading to the beach on the weekend, taking a field trip with their class, or just running to the park to play on the swings. Because their cells and organs are still developing, kids are at a higher risk for skin and eye damage due to sun exposure.

It’s crucial that they’re protected against the sun to avoid serious injuries that could hinder their growth and development in the long run. In this article, we’ll be looking at the five best tips you should follow when buying sunglasses for your kids. Read on and discover how easy getting your kids protected against the sun’s harsh rays can be!

Check for broad-spectrum protection.

With kids’ sunglasses, you can often choose between those which offer regular UV protection and those which take protection to the next level. As a rule, you should get the pair that offers a 90% to 100% level of protection, to ensure maximum safety for your kids.

It’s important to look at not just the percentage of protection, but also the type of protection that you’re getting. Some sunglasses will claim 100% protection, but only against either UVA or UVB rays–both are equally harmful in different ways.

UVA rays wreak havoc under the skin, while UVB is responsible for surface damage like sunburns and sunspots. Make sure to go for broad-spectrum protection at the top level so you’ve got all bases covered.

Choose durability over fashion and style.

Kids move around a lot–and most of the time, keeping their sunglasses in one piece is the last thing on their mind. Although it might be tempting to get something trendy and cute, the function should be your priority.

Make sure that you choose a pair that’s durable and can endure being dropped on the playground or even stepped on as the kids play tag. If you can find a pair that’s waterproof or made of sports-grade plastic, then those are definitely the way to go.

Select plastic frames.

This ties in with our previous point–you want to keep breakable things at a minimum when it comes to buying accessories for kids. It might be tempting to buy sunglasses with sleek frames because they look cute and are fun to style. However, it’s important to keep in mind that kids don’t have the same priorities as adults.

Selecting plastic frames could save you a lot of trouble in the long run. Sporty sunglasses are often made of durable, industrial-grade plastic and will definitely withstand rigorous activities. It’s also a lot cheaper to have plastic frames repaired because their parts are easily kept in stock.

Consider the fit of the sunglasses.

Fit is very important because kids move around a lot and you want a pair of sunglasses that will stay on as they play tag or hide and seek. Choose a pair that doesn’t slip off or flop as they play so that you can avoid damaging the sunglasses.

When you consider fit, you also ensure that your kids are protected the entire time that they’re out in the sun. That said, you can also consider leaving some allowance for growth so that the kids can use the glasses for a longer period of time.

Kids grow really quickly–especially when they’re at around 9 or 10 and are fast approaching a growth spurt. Look for glasses that have adjustable temples to get the most out of your investment.

Give your kids a choice.

One of the key things when it comes to getting kids to take care of their things is to make them care about their things. Involve them in the choice of which pair to get while still keeping the previous tips in mind by already curating two or three sunglasses that tick all of the requirements above.

Ask them to choose their favourite pair from the ones that you’ve chosen–this will give them a sense of accountability for their new accessory, heightening the chances of them taking care of the sunglasses that you’ve picked out. It also serves as a great bonding opportunity that the kids can look back on when they’re older.


Choosing the right sunglasses for your kids is crucial to keeping them protected while they’re outdoors. When you choose the right frames and get them involved in the process, you take one step closer to making sure that they’re safe while having fun. A little prevention could save you a lot of heartache in the future.

Keeping our top tips in mind takes a lot of the guesswork out of shopping for your kids’ eyewear. Whether you’re taking a trip over to a store or you’re shopping for sunglasses online via Great Southern Sunnies, remember to take these factors into consideration so you can choose the best sunglasses for your kids!

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