5 Tips and Tricks For Fashionable Winter Clothing

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Looking good during winter is important and often harder than it seems. With all the heavy clothes and also the need to be more practical, looking great can often come second to functionality. However, not so with these great tips.

During The Winter Months You Need Long Sleeves.

At times is it necessary to repeatedly state the things that are in-your-face obvious before anyone actually listens to you. Take for example the right for women to vote in Switzerland. Now, we’re talking about fashionable clothing that has sleeves. Granted it may not be quite as inspirational in nature, but it sure is something all the same. When you take a look at most tops and dresses for sale in the winter months in the UK, they’ve pretty much all got short sleeves, perhaps we’re still feeling the effects of these bygone days when a bucket and mangle were required to get the washing done.

Granted there’s a lot of water under the bridge since those days, yet our national cardigan obsession is sure evidence that the short-sleeve mentality is still well and truly alive. Yes the fashion fact is very clear; you’re going to look much more elegant in a long sleeved dress than a cute dress with a cardigan thrown over it.

Kitten Heels And Pencil Skirts Are Not A Match Made In Heaven!

The fashion of Mad Men holds a lot of responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, I love the clothing of Mad Men, that’s not up for dispute here! However plenty of women are putting up a challenge to Mad Men, but they sure aren’t doing it the right way. The biggest culprits are the ones sporting a knee length pencil skirt paired with a set of kitten heels. That woman-at-work factor of Mad Men isn’t a mission impossible to nail, but it requires far more attention to the minor details to really master the finer touches – that idea of a scent of Arpège by Lanvin gracing the air, an elegant Martini at lunchtime and much more. Wearing kitten heels with a pencil skirt is absolutely fine, however the skirt needs to be just that little bit longer, coming below the knee rather than stopping on the knee.

For a change, you could also wear kitten heels with a smart full-skirted, waisted style. Whichever you decide on, make sure you’re kitted out underneath with a good-fitting bra and have taken the time to do your hair. If you follow these steps, you’ll be Joan, instead of a run-of-the-mill office manager.


Purchase a Pair of Flat Boots That You’re In Love With

If, like me, you’re obsessed with your vanity, then this is a purchase that you’ll have a lot to thank me for. Trust me. I can’t cope with bad press about myself, so I’m not even going to let you know how much my flat boots set me back, what I will tell you, is that they are a pair of shearling fur lined Jimmy Choo boots. However, I am totally committed to my decision. The only thing that annoys me, is the fact that it took me 20 years to accept the fact that a great pair of winter boots that are ideal for winter weather and minimize the risk of a nasty fall or getting frostbite, are well worth the investment. I guess it’s only at this point that I am starting to accept one simple truth; since I don’t have my own driver, boasting a shoe collection that is modelled on Carine Roitfeld and Tamara Mellon really isn’t the wisest move.


Proper Coats, Not Anoraks, Are Vital

I’ve got to say it, are you a kid? You’re not. So ditch the parka and buy yourself a proper coat. Sure, last year, when all the adoring comments were rolling in about Alexa Chug and Kate Moss as they strutted their stuff in parkas, the decision may have been a good one. Hang on a moment though, firstly they tended to couple the parka with a pair of never-ending legs and a cute Chanel mini-dress, two things we don’t all have, and the second thing, all of that was last year, get with this year! Now it’s about having a proper coat. Proper doesn’t equal pricey. It simply means your coat should make you look your age, not a high-school version of yourself. Here is a good guide from Bustle.


Ditch The Denim, Bring On The Leopard

Doesn’t it drive you mad when other people have that snobby faux-bafflement towards everything we know for being part of our modern world? You know, the what-is-Facebook group and such like. Here comes another thing for them to get all aloof about. The old image of leopard being tacky, brassy and generally something to be avoided, is the new chic statement. It’s got to the point that, rather than looking at leopard as a colour or particular pattern, I simply see it as a neutral staple, to be paired with anything, in the same way as denim. (Just to mention, the replacement for double denim is now double leopard; a truly ambitious fashion statement for the daredevils among us; granted you have you have a certain something about you to really pull the look off). So if you’re one of those people who still likes to make the odd ‘ggrrrr’ sound effect when you see a leopard-print skirt, get over it, if you want to stay modern in our modern world that is!

If you’re looking for some more awesome tips on building your winter wardrobe – then here are 10 essential tips for building one from StyleWe.


All of these tips aim to ensure you look and feel great throughout winter and into the New Year too – until the sun starts shining again.

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