5 Things You Shouldn’t Be Ashamed of


What does the word ashamed mean? It means that you feel embarrassed or guilty because of some things or actions. There are a lot of shameful things that happen every second in the world. In this same world, there are such terrible things that many people do every day. However, they absolutely do not care about the correctness or incorrectness of their actions. Someone beats their wives and children, and another one manipulates other people, devastates the city’s budget to buy real estate on some tropical island. This really should be ashamed of. Nonetheless,  other people are feeling ashamed of their peculiarities (anyone should never be ashamed of a scar) or some enough right and reasonable things that should be done much more often.

  1. Do not be ashamed to look after yourself.

A man must be strong and brutal. After all, he is a “real man,” and not a delicate flower who should look after himself before meeting with a girl. However, this perverse logic turns you into a homeless person in your appearance, and not into a “real man”. You should be clean, healthy, and also a competitive specimen of your gender. That’s why you should stop being ashamed of the right and ordinary things that make you better outwardly and healthier as well. It’s strange that nowadays, this should be still reminded but too often you can meet guys who consider this to be ridiculous.

  1. Do not be ashamed to ask for help.

How often do you need someone’s help? Do not say that you are always fine with your own problems, this is not so. Men do not complain. Perhaps, however, if they see that everything is upside down, the courage is, among other things, to ask for help. You should not be ashamed of that. Help is required for each of us.

  1. Do not be ashamed to show feelings.

Yes, you must be as firm as a rock. Nonetheless, you should still have a heart that is capable of compassion, feeling, opening up. This does not mean that in interpersonal relationships, especially in a relationship with a girl, you should be rock solid. Feelings are feelings, and you will not have a  happy personal life without them. You will have sex but not a personal life. So, do not be afraid to feel and show these feelings, but do it carefully.

  1. Do not be ashamed to thank others.

This is a completely strange form of shame, but many people are exposed to it. People are just shy to say, “thank you” to the person who has done a lot for them. They can thank the sellers of grocery stores, waitresses of restaurants, support service, barmen, but they do not thank those who have really spent a lot of time on them: their relatives, friends, beloved women. Sometimes people are so narcissistic, they believe that everybody is duty-bound to do something good for them. However, this is not so. Their friends helped them with a pure heart, and they did not even thank them. So, if you say yourself, “I am ashamed of myself for that”, call your friends and express your thanks right now.

  1. Do not be ashamed to support an unpopular opinion.

Do not trust the majority. Only one person thinks, the crowd never thinks at all. This does not mean that the crowd is always wrong. Some of the generally accepted models of modern society are quite plausible and reasonable. However, this does not mean that you should always and everywhere stick to the dominant point of view. Also, you should understand that there is no dominant point of view even within our planet. In different parts of the world, there are different gods, different ideas about the world, about humor, about the relationship between a woman and a man, about sex. If you support an unpopular opinion in your society, then you only enrich public thought. Thanks to our friends from YourBrides for providing this article.

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