5 Things to Look for When Apartment Hunting


Apartment hunting is typically terrible. While today you can easily Google best apartments in miami, for example, and find a list of great prospects in one simple search, narrowing that list down and selecting an apartment is a whirlwind. In that whirlwind, you are likely to forget some key things to look for when you are viewing the apartment. Don’t let the initial wow factor blind you, and don’t let the weariness of a long day of apartment viewing let you skim over these key signs. The secret to finding a great apartment is knowing the apartment before you sign a contract.

  1. Search for Signs of an Infestation

One of the worst things that can happen when you move into your new apartment is to find that you have some unexpected roommates. When you are viewing the apartment, check the cupboards and corners for any faeces. These can look as harmless as pepper particles, but they are an indicator of an infestation.


  1. Look for Water Damage

Old water damage is a sign that there is an issue with the plumbing that has not yet or never has been looked at. A well-fitted and functioning apartment will always be the better choice. If you have water damage 1-800 Water Damage handles all property damages with 24/7 emergency services. The last thing you want is for a water damage issue to turn from cosmetic to disastrous while you are the tenant. It’s best to steer clear from foundational issues such as these. Make sure you know your rights as a renter.


  1. Make Sure Everything Works

This one is just common sense. A lot of issues that you might find are there because they are too expensive to fix and the landlord isn’t interested. This includes something that we might take for granted, like water pressure. When you are viewing the apartment, check every socket, light, and tap. You will also want to make sure that every appliance is running or able to run. These are the parts of the apartment that determine whether it will be liveable or not. Don’t be fooled by a great layout or great views.


  1. Meet Your Neighbors

Your neighbours will know everything you need to know before you sign a lease. Don’t be shy about asking them, if there is something wrong with the apartment or the landlord, your neighbours will be glad to gossip about them. An unhappy tenant stuck in a lease will be more than happy to convince you to look elsewhere. Ask them about the neighborhood, the building, and the landlord. This step is particularly important if you’re looking for a place in an apartment building or similar structure.


  1. Be Familiar with the Neighborhood

The neighborhood is just as important as the apartment. At the very least, you need to be near a grocer or a convenience store, a laundromat (if you need one), and a station. After that, it is up to you and your tastes, but know the neighborhood before you commit to signing a lease.

The best way to choose your next apartment is to know all the facts before you decide. If you’re looking to move to Boston, for example, make sure to find and look at Boston apartments through a reputable site. Don’t be blindsided, and don’t be embarrassed by doing your homework. It doesn’t matter how nice the landlord is, you owe it to yourself to check. Only once you are sure of a place can you say you’ve found your new home, and that you love it.

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