5 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Caviar

caviar, salmon roe

Photo by HNBS, CC0 1.0

Caviar is something that’s still a mystery to a lot of people on the world. Many people still see it as something that’s a delicacy that only the richest of the rich can afford. While it may be more expensive than other types of fish, caviar is something that you should definitely try out at least once in your life. There are some pretty surprising facts that you probably never thought of when it comes to caviar. That’s exactly what we’re going to go through down below! Keep reading and you’ll learn some cool facts that will change your mind about this delicacy.

  1. It’s One of The World’s Oldest Delicacies

Did you know that before a lot of other delicacies were considered delicacies, caviar was the first? Caviar was known as something for only the kings and aristocrats long before truffles or other delicacies. This means that through the ages, caviar has been seen as something that is only served at the fanciest of events and for the richest of the rich. That’s largely why we still have that impression of caviar as a super-rich delicacy today.

  1. It’s Not as Expensive as You Might Think at First

Caviar is still not something that you can just afford on a whim. It’s definitely still considered as expensive by many people, but it’s way more affordable now than it ever has before. This is because more sources of caviar have been discovered and the techniques for acquiring it have gotten much more advanced in recent years. This is probably one of the more surprising facts on this list, so go check out the caviar prices if you don’t believe us!

  1. Salmon Roe on Sushi Is Not the Same Thing as Caviar

You might think that that salmon roe on your sushi is the same thing as caviar, but far from it. Caviar was first harvested on the Caspian Sea by Russian fishermen and come from various species of sturgeon. So, the next time you think that salmon roe is the same thing as caviar, then you had better think again. They are definitely not the same thing.

  1. It’s Judged on Many Factors

There are many factors by which caviar is judged to determine whether it is high quality or not. You can think of it this way. When you want the finest and most expensive caviar, you are going to be looking for the larger eggs that are lighter in color. These are going to be older and therefore, have a more refined taste. The younger pieces of caviar are going to be the more affordable versions that have less of a fishy taste. If you are looking for an affordable version to start off with as a caviar newbie, then that’s the one to go for.

  1. It Lasts Way More Than One Day

Caviar is a cured fish. That’s why it’s able to have a pretty long shelf life. The best thing you can do if you want your caviar to last close to a month is to store it in one of the coldest parts of your fridge, close to the freezer. This is going to ensure that it doesn’t go bad before that time. You can even do this after you’ve opened up the caviar can! Who knew?

Well, we hope that you were sufficiently surprised by this list. Many people have big misconceptions about what caviar is and what it’s all about. Make sure to keep these things in mind when you are wondering about trying out caviar for the first time!

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