5 Subscription Boxes for the Special Man in Your Life

subscription boxes

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the special man in your life? Well, worry no more, because we are providing five subscription boxes that are ideal for your boyfriend, husband, dad or best friend.

  1. Auster

Why not treat the man in your life to a premium vape box, which will offer different e-juices to try each month? Auster has launched a range of highly-curated boxes that will allow a subscriber to enjoy different flavoured e-juices each month. What’s more, you can choose the duration plan and nicotine level so its suits your budget and their tastes. You can guarantee you will receive a big thank you for it! Visit www.auster.com to subscribe today.

  1. Taster’s Club

If your partner, husband or brother has a love affair with whiskey, you should sign them up for the Taster’s Club. Every month they can enjoy a different 750ml bottle of scotch or bourbon, not to mention a Whiskey 101 guide so they can brush up on their knowledge of their favourite tipple. From the distillery’s production techniques to how to taste whiskey, they will all they need to know about the drink.

  1. Mistobox

If they prefer coffee over whiskey, you should consider the Mistobox. This monthly box has been designed for coffee lovers, as they will send different coffee flavors to their door each month. All you need to do is enter their coffee preference, and a curator will select the ideal 12oz bag based on your loved one’s flavour profile. With over 300 choices to choose from, there is bound to be a flavor they will fall in love with. Here is the best bit, to ensure they provide the best coffee to their customers, they will not roast the coffee until you have ordered it.

  1. Five Four Club

Does the special man in your life like to look and feel good? Does he care about style? Does he hate shopping? If so, you should give him the gift of a monthly subscription to the Five Four Club. Each month he can enjoy four different clothing items direct to his doorstep, so he will not need to leave the house or order online to enjoy new clothes.

Just some of the items he will receive include shirts, sweaters, jackets or pants, which will each come from the Five Four Club’s seasonal collection. What’s more, every item will be picked to cater to his size and taste, as all you will have to do is fill in a short quiz once you subscribe.

  1. Scentbird

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on fragrances, you could buy the special man in your life a subscription to Scentbird. Every month he can select from 150 designer or niche fragrances, which will be delivered to your home. So, the next month he can either opt for the same fragrance, or he can try something new until he finds his favourite scent.


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