5 Stress-Reducing Matcha Drinks (Hot and Cold)

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At some points in your life, there will be moments where everything can be too stressful. Whether you’re dealing with stuff at work, school, family, and whatnot, an impulse would be to do something relaxing to ease some of the stress. A quick nap, eating comfort foods, or a good, old-fashioned crying session are just some of the common coping mechanisms when the world is just too mean at the moment.

Others look to unsavory ways, such as drinking alcohol or taking harmful substances. If you’re ever looking for alternative ways to reduce stress without adding more problems such as addiction, consider drinking matcha green tea instead. Matcha has been a popular health drink in Japan for centuries, and it became a superfood because of its proven health benefits backed by numerous studies.

Other than it being super healthy for you, matcha can also help ease some of the pressure you’re under in, even for just a little bit. Here are some matcha drink recipes you should try.

Creamy, Hot Green Matcha Latte

How about something you can sip on a cold evening or a rainy afternoon? That’s right; the perfect cup of deliciousness for chilly days is a hot latte made with culinary grade matcha and creamy milk or a dairy alternative. The lightly sweetened beverage is excellent for those who don’t like the bitter taste of matcha when it is prepared pure. Serve this drink on the next tea party with your friends, and if they don’t know it yet, the health benefits of matcha is a great conversation starter.

Cold Brew Matcha

Want a pick-me-up like coffee but without the crash and palpitation? Matcha has caffeine but the good sort that gives you the energy you need minus the bad stuff. If you want the pure matcha taste, then this recipe is something you should look into.

Milk or a dairy alternative tends to lessen the bitter taste of matcha, so this is great because you only need the powder, cold water, and ice. If you can obtain the ceremonial-grade variety of green tea powder, that makes this recipe even better. If you’re dreading the bitterness of matcha, you can pair this drink with something sweet, like a slice of cake or petit fours.

Matcha Hot Chocolate

As soon as the leaves turn to yellow and orange hues, you know that summer’s over and fall is making its graceful entrance. It’s just another way to say that it’s officially hot-chocolate season. Instead of the basic chocolate and marshmallows, you can make the drink healthier by adding matcha.

Does the combination sound intriguing to you? Then trying this recipe is a must when you have a chance.

The matcha hot chocolate uses white instead of dark chocolate, so the greenness of the matcha shows up. When matcha and white chocolate are combined, the color becomes a pretty shade of light green that’s both appetizing and interesting. It’s only right to use a transparent glass mug to showcase it.

Other additions not seen in basic hot chocolate include salt and a milk frother. Both make a huge difference to elevate the drink even more.

Refreshing Mint and Lime Matcha Iced Tea

How about for spring or summer when the sun is high and you just want to escape the heat? Quench your thirst with a refreshing glass of iced tea made with mint, lime, and matcha! This recipe uses cooking-grade matcha, but the ceremonial variant works too.

Most drinks involving matcha use a whisk to mix it with water. However, you can achieve a similar effect by using a cocktail shaker. You can have this drink unsweetened, but if you want to add a sweetener, simple syrup will do.

Simple Matcha and Coconut Water

In its simplest, matcha is only a blend of powdered green tea and water. If you want to change it up, substitute plain water with coconut instead. It is a super hydrating drink that is sure to get you through the hottest of days.

Do you love to drink matcha? If so, do you prefer it hot or cold? Share your recipes in the comments below.

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