5 Star Model: Lara Selemet, More then Just a Pretty Face

Athlete and Finance Major Lara Selemet Proves Women Really Can Do It All

getimage36Tell us a little about yourself…
Hi! My name is Lara. I am 29 years old. I graduated from university with a degree in “Finance and Banking”. I am a sports enthusiast and mom of a beautiful 7 year old girl!

Other then modeling, what do you love most to do?
My great love, not counting my daughter, is a sport I have shined him most of my life, volleyball. My mom took me to volleyball when I was 12 years old and since then I can not part with it. I became a five-time champion of Moldova and earned the title master of sports. For 4 years I have advocated for the national team of Moldova.

Who is your rolemodel?
My mother supported me in all my endeavors. As a mom myself, I try to take the great example that she provides and pass it along to my daughter. My mother taught me that I can do anything and that the beauty of a woman is much more then skin deep. My beautiful mom is my rolemodel.

How has it been working with 5 Star Models Paris?
It’s been the time of my life. 5 Star Models is a great team of individuals who really care about each model both professionally and personally. I’ve seen many exciting places and had an opportunity to perfect my craft. A lot of girls have had bad experiences with modeling agencies that aren’t really focused on the art and business of modeling so I consider myself very lucky to have joined the 5 Star family.


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