5 Signs That Show Your Home Needs Pest Control


Pests are a major problem, especially if you live close to nature but in this rapid urbanization, even the most fortified cities may have homes with a pest infestation problem. Pest is a broad term to describe a number of small insets like bedbugs and even small animals like rats. If you too suspect that your house might have any of these pesky animals, then you need to call in pest control as soon as possible to minimize the damage and also for hygiene reasons as many pests are carriers of disease.

Many people prefer to save money and rely on DIY videos to clear their homes. Calling pest control is not a necessity for them and they think that handling pests is an amateur’s job. They forget that their cost remedy methods can sometimes worsen the situation by not completely exterminating the pests. If even a single one is left, they will multiply again and the situation will arise again. Therefore it is better to leave pest control to https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/ who will do a clean sweep and get rid of the problem once for all. You just need to look for the signs below to determine if your house needs pest control.

1. Look for Any Property Damage

Pests like termites target damp wood to eat it away slowly but they can wreak damage on other things too like paper or anything similar. Property damage is very common among almost all the pests, barring a few and therefore this is one of the first things that you need to look out for. Look at your clothes, furniture, walls and rugs as these are the commonly things targeted by pests. See if there are any thin (about the width of a pencil) tunnels on the walls and also look for chewed out things like electrical wirings.

Don’t hesitate to call in pest control if you spot any of the aforementioned problems. If you ignore the problem then chances are that you might get away with minor property damage if the pest involved is a rat or mouse but large scale damage might be much bigger and can force to make major home renovations. Rodents for example can cause an electric short-circuit and cause fires by chewing out the wires. Similarly, a severe termite problem might shake the very foundations of your house.

2. Check for Any Urine or Droppings

Another quick way to spot pests is by checking for urine or droppings in unsuspecting places like the corners of your pantry or kitchen. Pests like cockroaches, rats and mice will frequent places where there is enough food—like your kitchen and pantry. You need to check these places frequently and clean them rigorously to prevent a pest infestation. This is extremely important because these places are responsible for the core hygiene of your home and therefore need to be free from any kind of pest.

Some pests are also disease carriers and if you have pets at your home, be extra careful. To prevent pests from making you sick, call in pest control quickly because you don’t want to compromise the health of your family. You can also use some home remedies as a temporary measure if you think the problem is too severe. Droppings and urine are an excellent way to spot if your home has a pest problem and you just need to look in the right direction. Don’t neglect any space and check the whole house thoroughly while cleaning or vacuuming.

3. Rustling or Scratching Sounds

Don’t worry as we are not describing a scene right out of a horror movie because large pests will make some kind of sound while moving away too quickly. So unless you are a part of a horror movie, any kind of rustling or scratching noise that you hear are not made by any scary ghost but by large pests running amok in your house. This will be clearer during the night time when there are less background noises around. If you do hear any kind of noise that seems like scampering, then your house might have a rodent problem. The same is true if you hear any kind of rustling noise as rodents do tend to make enough noise when they move around.

The noises will be camouflaged by other noises during the day and therefore look out for these sounds at night. Termites too make noise and if there is any rustling noise coming from the insides of your walls, it might be termites or even carpenter ants that are quite destructive and need to be removed quickly. Though, this sign might not appear to be completely fool proof, it is still better to give it a try.

4. Sightings Of Pests

There is an old saying that if you spot a single cockroach, there are hundred more scattered around your house. Though the numbers might not be completely accurate for this one, its meaning is still true for all household pests like rats and rodents. If you see even a single pest, you need to believe that there are even more around your house. People generally kill one pest and assume they have eradicated the problem and are later surprised when they have a severe infestation on their hands. Therefore, be careful and call in pest control in Manchester to squash the problem early on.

5. Any Large Animals That Come Uninvited

This is more prevalent in places that are close to forests or farms. Animals like squirrels, snakes, frogs etc can sometimes come in uninvited because they don’t know any better. Instead of taking matters in your hands and scaring these animals, call in pest control because the experts know how to remove them from your house without scaring or harming them. This is especially true for poisonous reptiles like snakes because handling them is difficult.

The above were some ways in which you can spot some signs that will help you determine if you need any pest control or not.

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