5 Secrets of a Perfect Custom Closet Design


Ever looked into your closet and wondered which hurricane went through it? Or have you ever thought about the lack of space in your closet every time you went on a shopping spree? Then the best answer to your mounting questions is a customized closet. This will allow you to maximize your closet space and also allow you to keep everything organized.

Now many of you might be wondering about the huge costs and effort you will need to be putting in to your closet to make it look really swanky! But trust me; you have been kept away from the designer secrets to the perfect closet.
I am here to share with you some of the secrets on how to make your closet customized and user-friendly.

  1. Map Out Your Closet and Belongings!

This might seem absurd but you need to have an idea of the dimensions. The actual size of the closet cannot change unless you decide to tear it down and build a bigger one. So if you want to use the spaces well you will need to have an understanding of how the spaces are managed.

To utilize your closet space, you will have to be flexible in your thinking. Challenge yourself in understanding how to manage the space by knowing how much space you will needed for your clothing and accessories.

  1. Don’t Let the Corners Corner You!

Corners are one of the most difficult spaces to manage and I am sure they will leave you stumped. Try to keep the corners open from both sides to put in and take out things with ease. You can put up some corner shelves to manage the corners.
Another way is to allow different section to meet each other at the corner. Be creative and find out the best way it can suit your needs.

  1. Optimize Your Closet Through Drawer Dividers and Vertical Shelf Dividers.

Your closet needs to fit as many things as possible without a cluttered feel and therefore you need to try out different options. To be a little systematic, start out with drawers and make partitions in them using dividers. This way you can keep things really well organized. You can also try rolling your clothes as this way they occupy less space and stay wrinkle free. You can see through all the options with just one look rather than shuffling between them. This will go a long way in making your custom closet.

Try combining them with vertical dividers too! Use all sorts of possible combinations until you get your perfect fit.

  1. Just Hang It Up Using Command Hooks and Pull Out Rods.

Hooks are a great way to hold on to your belts and similar accessories. This is also how you can make use of the corner spaces. The hooks can be set up just by using a couple of nails or if the weight put on it is less then you can simply stick it on the walls. Be minimal while using the hooks as it spoils the touch of the closet when used excessively.

Pull out rods are a great way at conserving the closet space. They are very easy to set up and allow you to fit more clothes in a small space. Simple rods can also be used in large vertical spaces.

  1. Give it the Personal Touch!

In the end the closet should reflect you, so go wild with it. Add whatever you want to the closet, so that feels more like yours. You can add some posters or splash in some new paint. If the closet is large enough you can even add some photographs. Be creative in this regard and try whatever your heart tells you to.

With the above mentioned ways you should be left with a decent closet that fits your requirements. It is all about taking the opportunity to express yourself and putting it all on the closet. Be ready to now be the envy of every guest of yours!

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