5 Reasons Your Business Needs Video Communication


Video conferencing brings a slew of advantages to the table. If you want to improve the way you do your business, this tool can prove a game-changer for you and your company. Here are 5 of the best reasons your business needs video communication:

Save on costs

Every company spends on travel costs. If you have geographically dispersed teams, this could even be one of your biggest costs yet. Making video solutions a part of your communication infrastructure can change this. Video meetings and conferences eliminate the need to travel. So you employees won’t have to spend time getting to the meeting site and back to the office again. They can easily open their laptops and conduct online meetings from their desk to offsite staff or clients. If you regularly send your team send your management leads to other sites or branches for training, this can help cut down the time they spend on traveling from one site to another. Instead, they can do the training sessions right from their desk with video.

Less misunderstandings

Face to face interaction helps reduce misunderstandings and miscommunication that’s often typical in phone conversations, chats or emails. That’s the advantage of business video conferencing solutions. Visual contact provides your team with context cues and body language, all which help them get a better read or on what their team mates are saying from the other side of the lens. This also helps break the ice between offsite employees who might be meeting and working together on a project for the first time. All this makes for a better and more efficient team. By minimizing miscommunication, you won’t have to worry about productivity lag times or delays that compromise your delivery schedule. With a team that knows how to work as a unit, you’ll be able to stay on track.

Better engagement

The Entrepreneur says video communication can also help enhance the level and quality of employee engagement. This is especially true for remote teams. Often isolated and reporting to work miles away or from another continent, on another time zone, it can be difficult for them to feel a sense of engagement or loyalty to the company. Video meetings and conferences can change all that. By using video to reach out and keep in touch, remote employees are more likely to feel that much closer to the rest of the team and feel a greater bond and engagement with the company. That engagement helps keep them loyal to your company, ensuring low attrition rates and preventing the costs of rehiring and retraining employees.

Greater productivity

Visual interaction also helps foster deeper relationships among employees, says Small Biz Daily. When they are more at ease with each other, that’s when they start working as a team. That kind of camaraderie and closeness often results in higher productivity levels. That’s because everyone wants to do their best. Everyone wants to contribute to the growth and success of the team and the company. That’s the kind of teamwork you want on your side. It’s the kind that makes startup teams become dotcom success stories. So if you want greater productivity, don’t just pile on the incentives and leave it at that. Make connection your goal and the rest of the good things will surely follow.


The best thing about video conferencing technology is that it’s got collaboration-ready features that make it easier for teams—no matter where they are—to work together. Content sharing features allow you to send in images, PDFs, video and other forms of content. Participants can even zoom on a particular image, paragraph or phrase, making this tool handy for those times when revisions and changes need to be discussed asap. With video, teams can improve the way they collaborate and work together. This can also help bring your offsite and onsite teams that much closer. And with the way the technology seems to just keep on improving, you know it will evolve to make even greater things possible.

Those are five of the best reasons that prove how much your company needs video communication. So start integrating video into your system. Cut your travel expenses by half and take advantage of the cost savings video meetings bring. Make sure your offsite and onsite teams work well together by providing them with a communication tool that helps them get a better gauge on what their team mates are saying. Provide them with systems that come with built-in features that make collaboration easy, convenient and hassle-free. And get the perfect tool to improve productivity levels in your group. With the right video communication system, you aren’t just buying a tool, you’re investing in the growth of your team and company. That’s more than enough reason to get one.

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