5 Reasons You Should Start Wearing Silver Rings


Image source: Lassanai

Silver rings are the perfect investment for anyone who is looking to elevate their jewelry collection. If you’re sitting on the fence, trying to decide whether a silver ring is the right choice for your next jewelry purchase, then keep reading. Here are five reasons to start browsing and wearing silver rings…


The smooth, comfortable feeling of a silver ring on your finger is pretty much guaranteed, no matter what style, size or fit it is that you’re shopping for. Silver is also very kind to your skin, so it makes a fantastic choice for even the most sensitive of hands! The metal is resistant to wear and tear and can be incredibly smooth to the touch. If you’re looking for a fuss free addition to your ring collection that isn’t going to bother you throughout the day (or night), then a silver style is absolutely the way to go.


The wear resistance and overall longevity of silver really does make it the ideal metal for crafting gorgeous rings. By nature, rings are subject to an awful lot of wear and tear. They are poised front and center on your hands all day long, after all. Silver rings will almost always be completely solid, unlike alternative options such as gold, rose gold and white gold – which are all often silver that has been coated with a thin layer of the more precious metal. Solid silver will not scratch or break, making it the very best choice if you’re looking for a treasure that you can love and wear for years to come.


Silver has a balanced, neutral undertone to it, making it perfect for mixing and matching with all kinds of different hues, textures and materials. Mix and match your silver ring with gold, copper, bronze, rose gold, white gold and platinum, knowing that it’s all going to blend beautifully. Silver also makes the very best backdrop for colorful gemstone jewelry. Gemstones come in countless colors, and silver works as the base metal for all of them! Choose a silver gemstone ring for an eclectic, organic addition to your collection that’s going to shine with individuality and beauty.


The glimmer of a silver ring is never going to go out of style! Silver is a classic in the jewelry world, so if you’re looking to invest in a future proof ring that’s not subject to trends, then it’s definitely the way to go. Search for classic cuts, simple bands and timeless styles to ensure that your silver ring stands the test of time.

Cost Effectiveness

Finally, the cost effectiveness of silver. As mentioned above, sterling silver is incredibly durable, unlike many other metal options out there, which makes it far more cost effective. With other precious metals, you can be forking out a lot for a thin coating that’s often subject to wear and tear – not solid sterling silver! You’ll easily be able to find yourself a striking, perfect quality silver ring that doesn’t break the bank.

You should be feeling well and truly ready to get started on your search for your dream silver ring right away! Shop for ethical, slow produced sterling silver from boutique brands to find eye-catching designs that are as kind to the environment as they are beautiful. Start by determining your ring size and setting yourself a budget, and your hunt is going to be as seamless and successful as possible! Shop stunning sterling silver rings today.

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