5 Reasons why vaping is better for your health than smoking

vaping vs smoking

While we all know perfectly well the cons of smoking, vaping and e-cigarettes is a relatively new thing out there. Vaping is basically inhaling and exhaling water vapour via a vaporizer, a special electric little device. Not to say vaping doesn’t have cons, but it is way better and 95% safer than smoking for your health. After going through the reading, you might feel like this is your call to start vaping. For that, you can visit thevapehouse.co.uk for information and access to the best starter kits. Here are 5 reasons why in the vaping vs smoking battle vaping ultimately wins.

1 No tar and healthier lungs

Tar is a heavy blackish substance found in cigarette smoke and it created by burning tobacco. While smoking, one part of it is exhaled and part coughed out, but some of it remains in our lungs and can penetrate deeper into our lungs, causing our lung cells to die slowly. Unlike in cigarettes, a vaporizer doesn’t burn the tobacco but instead heats it to boiling. Since tar is not found in a vaporizer, no tar equals healthier lungs. Red Vape only uses naturally extracted tobacco without any artificial ingredients which is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes.

2 Controlled nicotine intake

This means you can choose your e-cigarette liquids strength and that way dose your own nicotine intake per every e-cigarette usage. Vaporizers are great because nicotine is the addictive substance and the reason some just can’t stop smoking. It is actually proven that with vaping nicotine is much less absorbed into the bloodstream than with tobacco cigarettes. That being said, vaping is less addictive than cigarettes and therefore better for your health.

3 Reduced cancer risk

Average tobacco cigarette contains over 40 cancer causing chemicals and many other toxins. Besides mentioned tar and nicotine, you can find carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and arsenic. I bet all of these sound as scary as they should. Since vaping liquid contains far less harmful chemicals and toxins it is definitely a better option to tobacco cigarettes. With vaping winning this round in vaping vs smoking, as a result, we get reduced cancer risk, and that is a major one.

4 Increased activity and productivity

With a far smaller amount of dangerous chemicals and toxins which damage our whole body and no tar, vaping is proven to have less negative effects on your whole system. While with tobacco cigarettes you can sometimes feel like anything physical is a biggie, with vaping and e-cigarettes that is not the case. If you choose e-cigarettes vs the tobacco cigarettes you have better heart rate, increased productivity, better circulation and better balance.

5 Better overall health

Smokers will agree smoking cigarettes can cause annoying coughing and weird sense of taste. The good thing about vaping is it not just reduces coughing and improves the sense of taste, but helps us feel better overall. With clearer sinuses, improved concentration and decreased irritability. So, in the vaping vs smoking battle, all of this definitely gives the advantage to vaping, don’t you agree?

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