5 reasons to use Mineral water spray

Mineral water spray

Do you wonder why high fashion models are able to have this amazing glow on their face despite the fact that they travel so often? It’s not a secret but a lot of models use mineral water spray especially when you travel by plane its important to keep your skin hydrated. We are so used to only use a day or night creme that’s why I made a top 5 list why mineral water spray should be added to your beauty regime.

mineral water spray1) The combination of mineral salts and trace elements has a calming and soothing effect on your skin. Whenever you need to refresh or sooth your irritated skin mineral water spray will do the trick.

 Beauty products can be expensive but mineral water spray is affordable. Especially compared to other beauty products it is so much cheaper jet it can have a great impact on your skin.

3)  There are different mineral water spray brands out there. I prefer Royal Canadian because it is 100% natural and cruelty free, it is actually one of the only real mineral water sprays in the world. I think nowadays we all prefer a chemical free and organic product that is not tested on animals.

4) You can use this product daily it will help combat the signs of premature aging and it is a powerful antioxidant, because of trace elements such as magnesium, selenium and other trace minerals.

5) There is a lot of pollution in the air like smog, dirt and dust, mineral water spray protects your skin from pollution. Environmental pollution is one of the top causes of premature aging,that’s another reason to protect your skin.

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    I’ve never heard of mineral water, but it sounds like something I need to try! My skin is so dry 🙁 Nice blog! xoAndra


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