5 Reasons to Keep Your Children Away From Pets


Do you have any pet back at your house? Somehow the answer of this question is believed to weighting for a big YES.

Human and animal relationship can be a long historical tale that won’t be finish to tell at one night. Since the early ages of human occupied the earth, there are many ancient proofs of the harmony of human living side by side with animal. Human came from hunting the animal down for food, then make the animal as guard like dog or as helper like cow or means for transportation like horse, and now befriended and pet the animal.

What kind of animal that you have for pet?

Do you let your pet move freely around the house? If you happened to have pet, use the best vacuum for pet hair and clean your house often, especially your pet’s domain. Pet hair can be the transfer medium for bacteria and passed down diseases from the pet to human. Here’s some diseases that can be passed down from your pet:

  • Various kinds of worm diseases like ringworm, roundworm, hookworm, and tapeworm. They can be transferred from any kind of mammals pet.
  • Diarrhea caused by bug, bacteria, or parasite organism which can be transferred by any kind of pets, mammals or birdies.
  • Transfer various kind viruses that can be transferred by any kind of pets, from mammals, birdies, and reptile.
  • Toxoplasmosis, this known as disease that transferred from cat to human. This disease is more dangerous to woman, especially the ones who are pregnant.

For the ones with children, your pet can be their best friend. Many studies proved the advantages of having pet for your children’s responsibility. But just for a consideration, you may want to put some distance between your children from your pet. Here’re the 5 top reasons for it:

  1. Disease transfer

Your pet animal can transfer disease to you and your kid. There’re many cases of diseases that started from the bacteria that lives at your pet’s body. Like in the saliva, hair, skin, until their urine and feces.

You might be caution enough and make sure everything’s cleared and double checked and vaccine, but children tend to only stick for the fun time. They might even forget to wash their hands after a fun play with your pet and eat food directly from their unwashed hand.

  1. Your kid safety is important

Children, especially the smaller ages, can’t put their emotion at check and might vent their emotion to the nearest object around, which could be your pet. The sudden attack from the small human can awaken your pet’s animal instinct to retaliate.

You might underestimate for a small scratch that your children got from your pet and think it’ll teach them a lesson, but small scratch can also be dangerous. There’s this disease called cat scratch disease (CSD) and at least once at their lives, your pet cat likely to be infected and pass along the disease. At the most dangerous case, your pet – especially dog – might bites your children and with it transfer harmful bacteria that could cause death.

  1. Playing with pet is fun, but not always with the responsibility that come along

Let’s be real, children is all about playing and even if they have fun playtime with the pet, you’re the one who left to do all responsibility. From its food to pick up their feces and clean the whole house more thoroughly.

  1. Too attached to the pet

Your children are too attached to the pet and want it came along at every journey. It’s okay for small outing to the park, but what about leaving town? You have to put extra baggage for your children (admit it, the small human always need more stuff than the big human from food, clothes, and even toys) and they still demand for your pet to be brought along.

  1. Do they really need it?

The primary question that you have to answer yourself, do your children really need to be that close to pet or they just want it? In many case children see pet as a living toy to keep them entertained. You have to rethink again, do you ready to teach your children with responsibility that comes with pet?

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