5 prudent ways of saving money on beauty products

beauty products

It’s a fact that beauty products are essential for all ladies today. It’s also a fact that beauty often costs a lot and everyone is not able to afford it. But there are ways a prudent lady just as yourself can get all the beauty stuff necessary to look awesome and still end up spending very less money.

Saving money is always the ultimate joy and if it is done on beauty products, the joy becomes even sweeter. This is why we have websites like Freebies Joy who always help you in saving money. But if it’s not websites you are looking for to save money, here are five suggestions to save money on beauty products that you need the most. Some of these may sound a bit unconventional at first, but give them a try anyway –we guarantee savings.

Buy beauty items at dollar stores

Dollar stores are a great option of buying miscellaneous beauty items. Now we are not saying that you buy whole make up kits from there, but still essential everyday items such as cotton balls, makeup remover pads, small hair accessories and various applicators, can be easily purchased at any dollar store.

We have tested this idea and have found out that buying such kinds of small items from dollar stores can really save up to 40% of the money you will be spending in traditional shops and shopping malls. These products are even more expensive in department stores or specialized beauty products stores. So why would one overpay for things that one will eventually through away after use? Just visit your local dollar store to buy such products and save money instantly!

Shop with coupons

Now coupons are also a great way of saving money. Especially if you don’t like dollar stores and prefer to shop at departmental stores. You can use coupons and still save money. Coupons always help you out in reducing the price tag down of any product. Target and other big name stores offer nice and high-quality ranges of beauty products. You can always get your hands on a few coupons and shop there less expensively. If you have some discount codes on you, it’s even better. During our hunt to cheap beauty products we found that brands such as BirchBoxwere also offering free coupons too.

The curious case of sale cycles

Another tip that you can use to your advantage is to learn about the sales cycles. Try taking a better look at when and what kind of beauty sales are going on in stores around you. In many cases, shopping stores tend to host hot sales around the same time of the year in about every season. So just by looking at the calendar and acting wisely, you can go shopping for cheaper beauty products. We found that nearly all beauty merchants are in a habit of holding one or two big sales every year. All you need to do here is to mark the exact dates when those sales occur and shop only at that time.

Big Brands need deep pockets

Famous brands spend a lot on their marketing campaigns. And after watching all those advertisements sometimes you just feel that you have to get that famous beauty product by a popular brand. You just understand that there are small brands who sell their products at much affordable prices. Most of these products feature quality that is as good as famous brands’ items. Sometimes the affordable products ae even better than the expensive branded products. Don’t go with all that marketing and advertising. They are not only deceptive but they also waste your time. Look for beauty products with names that are not too popular. You might end up being very surprised with the results.

Attention to packaging

The last item on our list requires you to be more observant when buying beauty products. So never forget to consider at packaging of beauty products before buying them. Ingredients of different beauty products might be similar to each other, but a difference in packaging can really make a big difference. Expensive packaging can increase the price of a beauty product and compel you to pay more for that product. Products in tubes are cheaper than those in glass containers and both contain the same product. For a beauty product manufacturer, glass jars are more expensive than plastic tubes. So always look for plastic packaging, you will see that the price difference is enormous.

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