5 Proven Ways to Break Your Cell Phone Addiction

Every human being is living in an age of continuous digital distractions. By this point, all of you must have noticed that the present generation is witnessing a significant reduction in quality conversations. Many studies show that the small device in your pocket can play a major role in diminishing family happiness, productivity, focus, and cognitive performance. 


Picking up the smartphone frequently just to check social media sites or other applications has become more like a behavioral addiction. Do you know that the use of smartphones releases a small shot of dopamine in different regions of the brain, similar to gambling and shopping addictions? That is why you keep checking the phone even when you know that it’s not the best thing to do. 

Strategies to stop the addiction

Phones are helpful and even a potent tool for boosting business. But if you give in to the harmful addictive nature, the phone can become the primary reason for the deterioration in personal and work life. Here is a list of five strategies that will help you re-align life on a positive track. 


  • Say no once a week

If you have to regularly use the device for work purposes, it will be difficult for you to refrain from using the phone. So pick your off-day every week to strictly keep your phone aside. It will be an intentional strategy to ensure that you start realizing the simple joys of life that exist beyond the virtual life. A hearty conversation with friends and family or a day’s outing without a phone is a great way to realize life is still beautiful without smartphones. 


  • Install apps that inspire self- control

Applications are now available to solve every puzzle of life. In fact, there are many wonderful apps available on the play store that will help you limit the time you spend on the phones. 

  • Some applications will help you to set daily goals and track the progress in managing the habits.
  • Beautiful apps offer you a daily exercise regime, which is a healthy way to boost yourself instead of pouring into the mobile.

These apps will gradually control the usage habit. 


  • Physically separate the phone

Almost every industry needs the use of a smartphone to be in business. So you cannot keep the phone away while at work. But make it a habit to keep the phone inside a cabinet or a locked closet after work. 

Many types of research show that physical removal of the phone will slowly help develop the ability to ignore the presence of this device. 

As the Huawei p50 pocket price is affordable, buyers love to add this smartphone to the pocket. The only helpful way is to put your mobile phone away in a drawer that will help you spend quality time with your spouse and kids. 


  • Change the phone settings

With many ideas that are effective in reducing cell phone usage, simple tricks with the settings of the phone can support your efforts. The most popular suggestions include: 

  • Set the screen to black and white to minimize distraction
  • Turn off the notifications that indulge in checking the phone several times.
  • Set a longer passcode. You will feel irritation to input the long passcode every time, and the frustration will reduce the use. 
  • Use airplane mode

Such changes will discourage you from frequent phone checking. 


  • Don’t charge the phone near the bed

Many people suffer from sleeplessness as people develop a habit of checking the phone while charging it by the bedside. Even kids tend to watch the videos if you keep the phone nearby.

  • Charge the phone in a room other than the bedrooms. 
  • Even if you want to keep it in the room, the position of the phone should be out of your reach from bed. 

The simple trick can aid be a great strategy to reduce smartphone usage.

Change your habit

If you believe that you can live without the smartphone as a part of your personal life, you can always motivate yourself to decrease the use. Social media sites are ready to engross you with reels and memes. But what’s the use of peeking into others’ lives when you can make your life beautiful? Say no to phone addition with the above smart ideas. 

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