5 Practical Tips to Kickstart Your Health & Fitness Goals for the New Year

A beginning of a new year could be a promise of something better, a time period which will be kinder to us and which will allow us to be kinder to ourselves and others. This is probably why many people make New Year’s resolutions, hoping that this year they’ll manage to improve their lives. These resolutions are quite often related to our health and fitness, as many of us want to get in better shape and boost our well-being.

However, setting goals for yourself is merely a beginning. It’s how much effort you put into making them happen that truly counts. So, in case you’re worried about being able to achieve your health and fitness goals in 2022, here are some tips to put you on the right track.

Be ambitious but realistic

When you set the bar too high, you might never be able to reach it, no matter how much you want it. This could deprive you of any motivation or will to even keep trying. For instance, wanting to become a fitness guru when you haven’t seen the inside of a gym or worked out for a decade is quite unrealistic. It can happen, but it might take more time and effort than you are ready to invest in it. That’s why you should set some more achievable goals for yourself.

For example, if you want to lose weight, don’t force yourself into losing 20 pounds a month. Instead, try losing two pounds a week, which is something you can definitely do. You’ll be more prone to exercise that way, which will improve your health, but also give you the verve to keep it up and maintain discipline for longer.

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Make a solid plan and stick to it

Jumping into something without giving it enough thought can set you up for failure sooner than you thought. This is in fact easy to avoid if you make some sort of a plan before you start. If you’re keen on changing your diet, perhaps you can create a seven-day menu before the week starts, so that you know what you’ll have for which meal every day. That way you’ll be aware of what you need to buy and approximately how long it will take you to prepare your food.

In addition, you’ll have your meals ready in time, so that you don’t have to reach for unhealthy food when you get hungry. Similarly, if you put your workout time into your schedule, you’ll be less likely to skip your daily exercise. You may have to force yourself at first, but in a while, it will become a habit you’ll cherish and stick to, one that will keep you looking young and beautiful for years to come.

Put an emphasis on healthy eating and exercise

If you find it difficult and unpleasant to maintain a healthy diet or to be physically active, consider making some alterations to your regimen. When it comes to food, bear in mind that there are plenty of healthy alternatives to whatever you’re used to. Plus, you should also try adjusting your mindset. Instead of dwelling on all the things you aren’t allowed to eat, focus on those that you can and should eat, and you’ll soon see that there are things there that you’ve always enjoyed eating.

As far as exercising is concerned, perhaps you can invest in some attractive high-quality activewear, so that you feel comfortable and gorgeous while at the gym or running in your local park. This is as simple as ordering several items of amazing clothing online and wearing them to improve your mood and boost your confidence for better fitness results.

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Seek the company of positive and encouraging people

Those of us who don’t like doing things alone might find it problematic to stay true to our goals. The process of reaching them can become lonely and boring, and it might entice us to call it a day before we’ve given ourselves a proper chance. You can do something about this by finding somebody to accompany you on your path towards becoming fitter and healthier. A friend, relative or your partner might be happy to join you while you work out or even eat the same or similar food you want to eat.

Not only will this make it more interesting, but it will prevent you from giving up, as you’ll know that somebody else depends on you showing up to your exercise session or not. You’ll also restrain yourself from opening that bag of chips when you know that somebody out there is doing their best to support you, which makes this a win-win situation for both of you.

Get enough quality sleep

Maintaining good well-being without getting as much sleep as your body and mind need is next to impossible. This is why you need to make it your mission to get your eight hours of sleep every day. This is best accomplished through forming a good sleep routine, which includes going to bed and waking up at around the same time every day.

Also, avoid bright screens, caffeine-packed drinks and too much sugar or alcohol near bedtime, as these are excellent examples of habits you should change for better health. Sleep in a dark and quiet space, that’s not too warm, as a room that’s too hot can disrupt your sleep and have you waking up frequently throughout the night. If you have trouble falling asleep, perhaps take a relaxing bath, have a cup of hot tea or read for a while before going to bed.

In conclusion

The decisions that promote your well-being and fitness are the vital ones, so make sure you follow them through. In case this seems difficult and complicated, go through these tips again from time to time, to remind yourself of the fact that you certainly have it in you and that you can do it.

About the author: Mike Johnston is an experienced blogger and editor with a background in creative writing and digital media. He’s a regular contributor to numerous blogs and online magazines. Mike’s specialties are travel and lifestyle, but he also often writes about small business, careers, and work-life balance.

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