5 Portable Tech Gadgets to Make Your Business Travel More Productive and Efficient

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Having a readily available office to work from is hardly a limitation any more. Most people have the ability to work completely remotely. This has allowed the possibility to travel and work, whether you live as a digital nomad, or your business simply requires you to meet your associates all over the world. In either case, you will heavily rely on technology to do your best work.

However, what kind of technology is going to be the most useful and relevant? Luckily the market is full of new amazing tech tools and products that can make your business trips much more productive and convenient. The most important factor for achieving that level of productivity and convenience is the use of compact but very effective tech gadgets.

Here are some of the best portable tech gadgets that will help you maximize your productivity and efficiency while on a business trip.

Noise-canceling headphones

When you are traveling, chances are that you will encounter a lot of external noise. Whether you are sitting on a bus, a train, or simply next to someone noisy on your flight, you will have disturbances. However, you can limit all these distractions if you simply find a way to drown out the noise. This is where noise-canceling headphones can help you out immensely.

They are designed in order to pick up the external audio signal using a built-in microphone, which is then sent to a noise-cancellation circuitry and inverted using an opposite signal, this eliminates any noise you hear since the signal is then flattened. The best thing of all is that noise-canceling technology comes in many different formats. If you are a fan of a more complete sound, you can buy big over-ear headphones, however if you prefer something more compact you could enjoy the slightly smaller size of the on-ear headphones.

If you are really going for something minimalistic you should consider earphones that can fit into a small pocket. In all of these cases you will be able to find products that have noise-cancellation which will help you focus on managing your business as you travel.

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A backup power source

If there is one thing for sure about traveling, it is that there are never enough power points. That is why you should always come prepared and carry your own power source with you. Luckily, there are numerous portable backup power banks available on the market.

The good thing about modern power banks is that they are quite compact and can fit into your pocket easily. This trending gadget can be connected to nearly every mobile device using different USB types such as A, C, mini or micro. In some instances, a backup power source can be directly integrated into the protective case of your phone. Allowing you to considerably extend your phone’s battery life with up to 26 hours of talk time.

A reliable tablet

The efficiency of your business trips largely depends on the quality of your primary mobile device. Carrying a laptop can be helpful, however modern laptops are quite expensive and they can be really difficult to set up while traveling. That is why tablets have seen a drastic rise in popularity especially among the people who frequently travel for work.

A good tablet is the ultimate working station that offers everything you need, whether that is taking notes or pictures, recording audio, performing video calls, writing or even drawing and sketching. The trick is to find the most suitable tablet that is going to be compact yet powerful enough.

This is where Apple truly excels with their latest tablets. You can easily shop for Apple iPad Mini online and see for yourself. These incredibly designed mobile devices pack a punch with the latest processor that allows you to work on some of the most advanced projects. It also features lighting fast 5G connectivity, allowing you to get on top of any business-related challenge within seconds.

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Sufficient external storage

When traveling, make sure to invest in additional storage areas as well. You can choose an external hard drive for data that you want to print, or you can use a cloud-based solution if you want to be even more secure, however you might not be able to get as much storage that way.

Privacy screens

You are working on your mobile device while sitting next to someone on a flight, with a corner of your eye you notice that the person next to you constantly keeps glancing at what you are doing, no matter their intentions it feels outright uncomfortable and it can easily distract you. Unfortunately, this is the reality of working while traveling.

Luckily, a latest gadget can help you keep your on-screen data completely secure. Privacy screens are thin plastic panels that cover your device’s display and allow you to view the content only from a direct angle. If someone is sitting next to you, they will not be able to see what is going on your screen, because the panel limits the viewing angles significantly.

Wrapping up

Your business travel experience can be much more efficient and productive if you use the right gadgets. Some of the essential tech tools include: noise-canceling headphones, a power bank, a high-quality tablet, a robust external hard drive and a privacy screen.

By Mike Johnston

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