5 Offline Marketing Activities to Support Your Online Brand

The internet makes setting up a new business and connecting with customers easy. It also transforms the way businesses do marketing and expand their brands. Today, anyone – including you and I – can start a brand and begin selling products and services online, all without making large investments or setting up a retail space.

Digital marketing in particular is a powerful way to build your online brand. Through social media campaigns, email marketing, SEO services and valuable content designed to please a targeted group of viewers, it is easy to connect with potential customers on a more personal level.

However, digital marketing alone is not enough, especially if you want to start building a loyal audience base and increase the value of your online brand. You have to do some offline marketing to support your online brand, and here are the best offline marketing activities you can try to get started.

Support a Cause

Supporting a cause is more than a marketing activity, but it does generate a lot of buzz around your online brand. More importantly, it allows your brand – and the people behind it – to be more involved in offline activities.

You can support a social cause through your social media accounts and your ecommerce site, particularly the Blog or Updates section of your site. You can then get more involved in offline activities such as campaigns and events for the social cause.

The content generated by these offline activities, when posted online and marketed properly, will not only generate more awareness to the cause, but boost the value of your brand as well. People who support the cause will start paying more attention to your brand online and offline.

Produce Merchandise

When you have a valuable brand that you want to boost, producing your own line of merchandise is a great option to consider. You don’t have to invest in your own manufacturing line now that you have sources like Lapel Pin Superstore helping you with the production side of things.

You can find out more about making your own pins by visiting the company’s website. After learning about what you can do, you can start experimenting with different designs for your own custom pins. Distribute these pins when shipping customers’ orders or attending offline events.

The same is true with T-shirts, stickers, bags, and other branded merchandise. These items, when worn by your customers, will help increase your brand profile online and offline. They also help with increasing the value of your brand in the eyes of potential customers.

Attend Trade Shows

If your online brand sells products and services directly to customers, attending events and trade shows that align with your target market is also highly recommended. Open a booth for potential customers to visit and allow them to interact with your brand and your products directly.

Trade shows and other events are more valuable than you realize. Similar to the social cause we discussed earlier, you can generate a lot of content for your online marketing efforts as you attend trade shows and be a part of other events.

At the same time, you can connect with more customers and increase brand awareness through these events. In fact, offline events still produce some of the highest conversion rates, and the only thing you need to do to benefit from high conversion is participate.

Develop Yourself

Many marketing experts believe that customers connect on a deeper level to people rather than brands. This is the reason why many brands – including those belonging to large corporations – now work with influencers and celebrities; they are trying to associate their brands with the right people.

As a small business and an online brand, you may not have the budget to work with top influencers with millions of followers. You may not have to, since you already have yourself acting as the face of your brand.

What you want to do is boost your profile online and offline. Your own social media pages are as valuable as your brand’s, and your attendance in trade shows and events – including the content you share – will help develop your profile as the person behind the online brand further.

Do More Networking

The days when you distributed print copies of press releases to news reporters are gone. So this strategy is more about creating relationships with reporters and others who can help spread news about your business.

You don’t have to hire an in-house SEO company for that. What you need is to create relationships with relevant media to get coverage from the local journalists in your city. Get to know them, build network and show the world what your brand is about.

Even when operating as an online brand, you still need a strong professional network to succeed. To build one, you have to spend more time meeting with people, connecting with industry experts, and finding new partners to work with.

All of these things will raise the value of your brand online, but their effects go beyond that. When you connect with industry experts, for instance, you have the opportunity to gain more exposure and drive traffic to your online assets. The same can be said for when you become a part of an association that promotes its members.

Some brands (and their owners) even go as far as creating and supporting communities around them. For example, you can support teens who are working hard to graduate by providing them with your products. You can provide mentorship and take advantage of speaking engagements to spread your message.

Some More Tips

Just because you run an online business, doesn’t mean you cannot benefit from offline activities. More importantly, online and offline marketing efforts don’t need to be two separate things. They work better when planned as a unified marketing campaign.

Offline marketing is also good for raising your profile as a business owner, which in turn will also give a nice boost to your online brand. Whenever you do demos, help others, and speak at open events, you are telling stories that will bring more people closer to your brand and your products.

Last but certainly not least, these offline activities are just as measurable as their online counterparts. You can still use data analytics and track KPIs when doing offline marketing, so you always have the insights you need to refine your efforts.

All of these offline activities add up. They may not be the most high-tech ways of doing marketing, but they certainly have big impacts on your digital marketing efforts. Through these online activities you can boost your brand’s online and offline presence to a whole new level.

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