5 Of The Most Noted Jewellery Items Seen In The Movies

We all look to the Hollywood stars when choosing jewellery and fashion accessories, and over the years, there have been certain styles that owe their popularity to an iconic scene in a classic movie. Just like Tom Cruise sporting Ray-Ban Aviators, there are some famous moments when film stars adorn exquisite jewellery, and with that in mind, here are a few examples.

  1. Pretty Woman (1990) – The heart-throb Richard Gere played an amazing role opposite Julia Roberts in the classic love story. In the story, the wealthy Richard Gere present his love with a stunning necklace with 23 pear-cut set in diamond encrusted hearts, which really does take her breath away. The scene where he gives her the necklace is one of the most romantic moments ever captured on film, especially when he flips the box lid closed just as she starts to look at what is inside.

  2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) – The superstar Audrey Hepburn wore a stunning pearl and diamond necklace, which may have been responsible for the upward trend of using pearls in jewellery. Hepburn really knew how to accessorise a little black dress, and even with just one a stunning antique ring, you too can look like a million dollars. Kalmar Antiques has a collection of antique engagement rings Australia is proud to have. You will want to check out their website for some exquisite pieces.

  3. Titanic (2013) – This epic love story that was based on a true event stole the hearts of many romantics, and when Kate Winslet wore the ‘Heart of the Ocean’ necklace, the stunning 171-carat Ceylon sapphire stone that is surrounded by no less than 103 diamonds, you can audibly hear the gasps from the movie goers. This platinum-set necklace created by the jeweller Asprey & Garrard were commissioned to create an authentic replica. If you would like to view some sapphire pendants, check out the online antique dealer, who would have a collection of antique necklaces, although the stones would not be as impressive as the ones in this amazing item of jewellery.

  4. The Great Gatsby (2013) – This period film was hailed by all the critics, and is based on the novel of the same name. The actress, Carey Mulligan, was dressed from head to toe in diamonds for most of the film, showing off stunning Art Deco pieces. If you would like custom jewellery that is authentic, search online for an established antique dealer, where you can view a wide range of quality pieces at affordable prices.

  5. Moulin Rouge (2001) – This musical starred Nicole Kidman, who played the character of Satine, wearing oversized diamond necklaces, rings and bracelets. Yellow gold mixed with many diamonds created the glitzy look of this character, and if you would like something similar, the online antique dealer is the best option.

There are many movies that showcased spectacular jewellery. While you might not be able to afford such luxurious items, the online antique dealer has a collection of fine antique and vintage jewellery that will give you the Hollywood glitz.

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