5 New Styles for 2015 (Women)

The best place to know about new styles is the shopping sites, where they allow you to browse through the top collections from the best designers. However, if you are staying in a city where some kind of fashion shows are in progress, then you will be in for a treat and you can indeed find the new styles and the trendiest in the business.

Most of the new styles are probably an attractive modification of the old. When we suddenly look at the new one, we hardly notice the old theme, because human eyes are trained to satiate with the newish ones.

Here are the 5 new styles for 2015

Stripped halter dress

When you first look at the designs you may not view it as very attractive. Nevertheless, it’s a new style, but not entirely new. What you may particularly like about the dress is the stripped design. It has a certain degree of comfort. You will notice the stripped design at the top, and the line skirt that makes it contrasting.

Tan Leather Tote from Valentino

If you love to carry large bags, then this one is certainly for you. It’s indeed a large one. There is a front pocket, two side by side, which makes it easier for you to slide your mobile phones of an IPad. The tan leather finish is probably the most amazing feature of this bag. There is one fact you need to be aware of – it is indeed expensive.

Flat sandals

If you are tall, don’t leave this out. And if you are not tall, then there is every reason for you to pick this one. Here is why? Flat sandals never trouble your feet. No matter how hard you walk, or how long you walk, it is always comfortable. There is no dearth of colours. Don’t forget to look for slingback strap with buckle closure.  You must also ensure that flat sandals are made of leather. It gives you an added comfort.

Floral headbands

Your style starts with your head. Headbands can change your outlook. It is these little things that create a stylish look in a woman.  Headbands are long forgotten by many, and when you have an old fashioned item suddenly thrown in, it becomes new. Floral headbands also make your appearance bright. You can choose colours that suit your complexion. Just keep it simple and the next thing you will find people staring at you for apparently no reason. Stores like newfrog.com offer a huge array.


Scarves are not always for your head. Women have now started using scarves to drape around their bodies, or their hands. That’s a new one for you to try out in the year 2015. Scarves give you an edge. It may be the cheapest item to wear, but the most attractive. When you wear scarves, make it count. Always choose a colour that indeed goes with your outfit. Never underestimate the significance of colour combination. The combination of colours makes the difference – good colour combination adds to your charisma.

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