5 New Gadgets You Have To Try This Summer

Summer is a great time to travel and when you are getting away from it all, with the way things are, there are a couple of things you want to take with you. Naturally, the whole process can get a little bit tricky if you do not know which gadgets are worthy of taking up your valuable packing space. To get you started, here are 5 new gadgets you have to try this summer. They are new, refined, tested and probably what you just need this summer.

Panasonic DMC-FT5 Tough Camera

It coming with a built-in GPS tells you this Panasonic DMC-FT5 tough camera has been designed for roaming. Thanks to its orange battle armor, this camera has been built to withstand tough conditions and with it, you will never be left wondering exactly which mountain or scenery to photograph for it has been designed to perfectly deliver those clear and candid images. As a matter of fact, if all that has been said about this gadget is all true, then it has practically lived true to its features.

LAT56 Backpack

From a distance this bag looks like an item from the future. Its design is unbelievable and it looks like a body amour than a typical gadget bag. This cabin-sized bag is tough, and can keep any of your precious gadgets safe and protected even as you barge through some of the world’s busiest airports and bus stations. The secret actually lies in the use of specifically molded EVA form it just the best. Moreover, it comes with cue-zip-up side pocket that are sturdy making it one of the best bags to take a pair of sunglasses. It is a must have this summer.

Neocig Electronic Cigarette

Are you into electronic cigarettes? Well, Neocig electronic cigarette is exactly what you need to try this summer. It is sleek, stylish and fully rechargeable. With each cartomiser, you can net up to 400 puffs of uniquely blended and textured aromatic vapor. As if that is not even enough; its infinity’s tactile rubber-coated battery is unlike anything you have ever seen. It can last more than 1000 charges without losing its performance. You will love it.


Sennheiser PXC 250-II

A pair of noise-cancelling headphones never misses in most people packing list, which makes these magnificent headphones something you might want to try out this summer. The presentation of this pair of headphones is worth mentioning; it exhumes quality and the actual time it took the designers to piece it together. Sennheiser headphones come with very comfy skull pads coupled with ear-cups so as to ensure there is no gap left. It does not even stop there; the NoiseGard noise cancelling function makes this pair one of the best headphones.

Apple iPad

Apple, having sold well over 3 million units in just less than 30 days, this alone tells you this iPad is probably one of the hottest gadgets you can take everywhere you go this summer. Placed between a notebook and a Smartphone, this 9.7 inch touch screen gadget offers one of the most magnificent interfaces and tons of great features. Told to describe, I would say this is where quality meets the eye.

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