5 Needed Tips for Keep Your Home Pest Free

Bugs, rodents, and other pests can get aggravating, even downright stressful. They make you question how clean your home is if there are any problems with your home that you’re unaware of, and it also gets you thinking of a better defensive system. There are thankfully multiple ways to eliminate pests for your home, whether it’s the interior or the exterior. These are some great ways to reduce the chances of these little troubles bothering you, your family, or even destroy your home.


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Choose your plants wisely

While it is true that plants make an excellent addition to any home, it’s best to be selective. Whether it’s several houseplants or even some for your garden, you’ll want to research what may be best. Some plants invite in more pests. Houseplants are notorious for inviting gnats while certain flowers such as roses will attract slugs and mites. Also, think about how your plants are being mulched. Mulch is one of the ideal shelters for pests.

Properly dispose of trash

Trash is one of the leading ways to attract unwanted pests. This can then lead to a hassling situation of your home and garden getting destroyed. If you want to avoid the stressful situation of looking into raccoon removal, then it’s best to go ahead and start figuring out how to properly dispose of your trash. Cleaning out your recyclables is a really good way to start. You’ll also want to make sure your trash can is tight fitted with lids, or even provide a lock. Be sure to remove any debris such as sticks, leaves, and plant clippings in your yard as these can attract pests such as snakes.

Seal your doors and windows

Sealing your doors and windows is not only sustainable for your home, but it also will keep pests from wiggling into your home. Your door and windows may have tiny cracks and gaps without you even knowing about them. You should regularly inspect all of your doors and windows because even the smallest of bugs can fit into any space. You can look into getting silicone gel or even some screen mesh to help out in covering the gaps and cracks.

Clean your drains

This may be an obvious one but always look into the sink and other drains within your home. They tend to carry a lot of gunk and grime that attracts pests. It’s also an ideal breeding site for pests such as gnats and small flies. You’ll want to inspect your home regularly and clean your drains. You can use some very effective drain cleaner, or even go the DIY route with some baking soda and vinegar. Alternatively, you can hire a professional to clean your pipes and drains.

Look into gaps

While it’s so important to look into cracks and seals, it’s best to search for gaps as well. You’ll want to move your furniture to check there, but you should also look into moving your kitchen cabinets and all of your large appliances. Gaps in the kitchen are especially prevalent for mice to access. Be sure to seal all gaps as you come across them.

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