5  interior Tips To Be More Productive At Your Home Office

A good workplace is important to be able to work focused. When setting up the workplace, you can already take into account a number of things that help you to work concentrated. Curious about the tips for a productive home office? I’d love to share them with you.

Not everyone has the luxury of a separate room in their home for a home office. While some tips may be a little tricky to implement if you don’t have a separate room, most of them are useful for any home office, no matter how small or large it is. From simple tips such as a plant in your workplace to the right office temperature to work productively.

Your own workplace

Having your own workplace is so nice to be able to concentrate properly. Preferably choose a workplace in a closed space, even in a corner in the bedroom, for example, you can realize this small workplace.

Can’t do this? Then see if you can put a small desk against the wall in the living room. By creating a workplace with a ‘view’ of the wall, you can work much more productively than if you have a continuous view of the dishes, messes and other household tasks from the dining table.

Not possible? Then look for other ways to concentrate on your work. For example, noise canceling headphones already ensure that you are much less distracted during work.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m29l_z6a2fQ

The right temperature

Did you know that a room that is too cold or warm causes you to get distracted more quickly during work? In the office, the temperature is usually well regulated, but in your home office you have to do this yourself. A big advantage is that you can now determine the temperature yourself and are not dependent on your colleagues.

An air conditioner is the solution. This way you always have a nice temperature in the room where you work, whatever the weather is outside. With summer approaching, you can buy an air conditioner now. This way you can be sure that these will not be sold out and that you will have to work in a room that is too warm. And also provide a comfortable workplace in winter. With these tips you can turn the heating down a degree without feeling cold.

home office tips

home office tips

Not too many distractions

At the beginning I briefly shared the tip that it is better not to be distracted by household tasks such as washing the dishes while working from home. Therefore, make sure there are not too many distractions at the workplace itself.

Keep your desk empty as much as possible and avoid unnecessary clutter and other distractions. Do you have a lot of paperwork at the workplace? Then provide drawers or bins on the desk in which you can sort and tidy up these papers, so that they do not get in the way.

Always tidy up everything at the end of the working day, so that you can start fresh and organized the next day.

Color on wall

Did you know that the color on the wall affects your concentration? Green, for example, provides relaxation and rest. In addition, it has been proven that green makes you think more creatively, which is why this color is ideal for a wall in your office.

Earth tones like terracotta can make you feel more energetic and contribute to a productive day in which you get more done. But beware, if you choose an intense earth tone, you will achieve the opposite. By choosing too red or too yellow, for example, you are overstimulated. A whole day in a room with these intense colors can actually make you overstimulated and tired. So preferably choose a gray or muted earth tone on the wall if you want to feel more energetic at the office.

Plants in space

You have already read that the color green provides relaxation, tranquility and creativity. So it’s probably no surprise that plants in your home office are a good idea to be able to work more concentrated.

But plants in your home office also have another advantage. Plants purify the air and can improve the air quality in a room. And the better the air quality is, the better this is for your health and you can concentrate.

Want more plants in your home office? For example, choose one of these nice hanging plants. Let us know what other home office tips you have!

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