5 Indoor interior facts that’s really impact on a house value

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Life takes us on many adventures and sometimes we need to move base camp to enjoy the journey. Selling your house starts long before phoning the real estate agent. Selling your house starts with careful plans to get the most out of the space you have called home.

Playing on emotions and using basic psychology can up your home’s value and make it sell faster. Small things work together with big obvious items to make a house look like their future home.

Consider adding these 5 features to your home to get the most out of your sale.

Adding adequate lighting

selling your house

A light and airy home create the illusion of a bright and happy life. You need to have this illusion to sell your house. Start by doing the easy first. Clean the windows and remove any grime or build up. Installing a sunroof brings in invaluable light. Add a light dimmer with LED light fixtures to enable the buyer to set their own mood.

Installing an electric fireplace

Installing an electric fireplace is a genius addition to any home that is being sold. 63.15% of people interviewed for a study in 2016 said they are more likely to buy a house with a fireplace in it. The best electric fireplace create feelings like warmth and comfort.

Because it is electric it also doesn’t require chopping logs, cleaning up and running out of wood in the middle of a blizzard. Prioritize installing the fireplace in either the living room and/or master bedroom. If you want to make your electric fireplace seem even more attractive, install some solar energy panels, then the real estate agent can rave over how the fireplace runs for free and doesn’t damage the environment.

Making your home smart

selling your house

Most electronic devices tend to make no impact on your home value. Technology just develops too quickly. Even if your house is on the market with a brand new home theater system, you will still hear people saying that the next model is due to be released next month. You really do not win with traditional electronic additions.

You do, however, win with smart devices. Installing a smart home system, or even just elements of one will give your property a boost of up to 8%. Potential buyers will also see the house as tech-friendly and easy to manage. Start by installing a smart thermometer and surveillance cameras that can be controlled by a Smartphone. The best places to start looking are Google’s Home and Amazon’s echo ranges.

Upgrade your shower

In 2015, 56% of homeowners under 60 hired a professional to age-proof’ their homes. Age-proofing your home can make it more attractive to buyers. People tend to stay in one place for longer, and commit to one home for longer.

Making sure your house can walk the distance with the new owners is super important. If you have the cash making sure your shower is wheelchair friendly, or the at least flat on the ground will score you a lot of points with your potential buyers.

Regardless if you want to make huge changes or not, freshening up your shower and bathroom area will result in a higher property value. The bathroom is the turning point in a buyers mind. If the bathroom is old with broken fixtures, that just lost you the buyer. High-end luxury showers or even a good imitation of one wins people over easily. Remember you want to create an inviting picture.

Organize the home with smart storage

A tidy home with tons of space is a huge plus. Adding lots of storage space and smart solutions will get your house sold faster. Look on Pinterest and other internet sources for specific ideas that work with your home.

The general thing to think about is at least one, large closet in every room. If you have space and budget to turn the end of a hallway or alcove into a walk-in closet will instantly add glamour and value to your home.

Storage space in the kitchen is super important. Every cook will appreciate good cabinets at first glance. Ensure cabinets and closets are made of a good quality wood and set in a timeless style.

Making your home buyer friendly means showing off your home’s best features and convincing new owners they have to live there to be happy. Removing and fixing all the small stuff that makes you unhappy and adding small things like kids toys on a shelf or a kettle ready to boil on the stove will help bolster the illusion.

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