5 Important Things To Consider When Hiring A Babysitter


Why should I hire a nanny?

This is the first and foremost thing that strikes the mind of all “supermothers” who believe they can do it all on their own. Manage work, family, and the little one!

Trust me, it cannot be more hectic and stressful. (sigh)

At the same time, you are also concerned about the baby’s safety when it comes to hiring a nanny. The thought of leaving your child alone with some random person freaks you out, doesn’t it?

Besides, you are muddled as to how to find the right nanny and how trustworthy shall she turn out to be.

All your concerns and worries are totally justified. Hence, I have addressed them below. (You can thank me later :P)

Here are a handful of things to be considered before you allow a stranger to take care of your loved one.

  • Identify your needs

Firstly, you need to understand your needs and that of your child’s to know what kind of a nanny you’re looking for.

Do you want someone to stay with you? Or, are you looking for a part-time nanny/night time nanny?

You obviously would want to be clear with yourself on this first and then lookout for someone. This way you will save time and space for any confusion during the interview.

  • Be clear on your budget

Knowing your budget is the second most important consideration when hiring a nanny. Offering a little flexibility is good. But going out of your way is not recommended.

Ask your friends or relatives in the area who recently hired a nanny just to have knowledge about the current price scenario. Make an offer close to the amount. And, you shall be good to go!

P.S. Usually, full-time nannies charge less than part-time nannies. However, you must be willing to give them their space and enough flexibility to roam around in the house just like a family member.

  • Trust worth of mouth

Word of mouth has always been one of the best marketing strategies and when hiring a nanny, it turns out to be even better.

People recommend you nannies they know of. (either through personal contact or you might have seen them working for others) This way you have multiple options to explore and have a high probability to find the one that best suits your requirements.

  • Background check

As you’re already aware, hiring a nanny means giving a stranger access to your personal life. She will have the right to enter into your family and your home.

That being said, background verification is a must. You need to have a thorough knowledge of the place where she last worked, her reason for quitting, her current address, and other relevant contact information.

Most importantly, you want to know how well she treats children and the way she handles them.

  • Trust actions, not JUST words

Your confirmation of a nanny should not solely depend on what she says. Because this will just be a representation of what she portrays herself to others.

Only if she clears the test of treating the kids just like you want her to, is when you know, she is the one.

In that spirit, a trial period is mandatory before final hiring. During this time, you get to observe the way she works and conducts herself.

Final Word

Agreed, hiring a babysitter is an important decision to make, but don’t stress too much. If you consider all the points mentioned above and put in the extra efforts, be rest assured of finding a good babysitter for your little kid.

And when you get one, make the most of your spare time. Focus on your spouse. Go on the much-deserved date night you have been craving for or short hikes if you are the adventurous kind.

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