5 Important Aspects of Purchasing a Heel Balm

When your feet are tired from running or even just a long day at work, you may hate the itchy and uncomfortable feeling that comes after. Overuse of your feet can lead to this uncomfortable problem. Over time, calluses and dry skin can build up and cause you to search for some way to get smooth skin again. One of the many ways you can treat yourself is by using a heel balm for your feet and ankles. 

This kind of moisturizer can exfoliate and cleanse your feet to make them feel lighter than ever. Before you find your perfect fit, keep in mind these tips for buying balm.

Amount of Fragrance

While you enjoy a strong scent, whether that is floral or even linen, some balms may be scentless. Choosing whichever one is the most inviting to you is important when it comes time to shop for balms. 

Some scents may help you relax and feel almost like you are at a spa. Finding the right balance of scented and unscented is an important part aspect to keep in mind when choosing a heel balm for your feet. 


Some formulas tend to run more slippery than others, depending on how they are made. While the exfoliating aspects of heel balm often help your feet feel softer, too much greasiness can cause you to feel annoyed or even slip and fall. Quickly absorbing balms make it easy to use them during the day. 

The more callused your feet are, the more you may need an intense kind of heel balm. A more active lifestyle where you are constantly outdoors or walking around can lead to rougher skin. Each balm is made differently, so finding the right type for your lifestyle is important for long-term results.

Amount of Use

Endless use of your feet can lead to an intense need for a strong balm. Any intense job or hobby often leaves people with worse skin and more worries about doing things like wearing open-toed shoes. Using heel balm often is ideal for anyone looking to prevent cracks or skin flakiness. If you only need a balm once in a while, then what you search for may be different.

Chronic health issues can also lead to dry heels and cracked skin. In that circumstance, finding a brand that works for you is even more important due to the frequency with which you will use it. 

When You Use It

Putting on heel balm before going to bed at night is one common method of healing dry feet. The stronger or more pleasant the scent, the more you may want to use it before falling asleep. 

You may even apply it to your ankles if they are also affected by dryness. Those with especially cracked or rough feet may feel the need to use it more often, which can change what kind you need. While some people may settle for any type, those with more active lifestyles may need a more effective kind of balm. 

Your Preferred Footwear 

Living in a place with many opportunities to walk on a beach or in a forest is always enjoyable for a fun day out, but the amount of activity can also damage your skin. Long walks and rough terrain can lead to sore feet. Choosing a balm means knowing your usual level of activity and planning ahead. 

The more effective the balm, the more likely you are to be able to stay active or even wear certain kinds of footwear without worrying about flakiness or cracks. Applying it once daily is a simple way to renew and refresh your feet and get ready for the next adventure. 


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