5 Ideas You Can Copy and Apply to Your Bedroom

It’s a joy to wake up to soft sheets and cozy surroundings every single day. With this set-up, it’s impossible not to feel energized during mornings, nights, or in between times just lounging and chilling.

Unlike other parts of the house where thoughts of improvement can come with some hesitation, for fear that doing so will affect the house’s value negatively; the same can’t be said about a bedroom makeover. You are completely in control when transforming this space into one that’s perfect for rest and relaxation.

The Great Bedroom Update

Sleep is an integral part of life. Medical disorders and personal circumstances notwithstanding, a comfortable and quiet bedroom makes for an environment conducive to sleeping. Indeed, a stay in a decent hotel room still can’t compare to sleeping in one’s bedroom, according to the results of a National Sleep Foundation survey.

To restyle the bedroom for a good night’s rest, while transforming it as a great background for social media posts, follow these steps.

1. Begin With the Bed and Bedding

If the aim is to enjoy a satisfying siesta every time, one might as well go for a bed that will last for several years. Even for a humbler home far from being a mansion or manor, a four-poster bed is a wise decision. It’s always a good investment given its sturdy design and the quality of its material (usually hardwood).

Deck this fancy canopy bed with the softest sheets available, even old ones from the closet. For those looking to buy a new mattress, get a good feel of how comfortable it is by lying on it for 5 minutes or so. Then complete the grand bedding experience by adding silky pillows.

2. Improve the Scene With Scent

Aromatherapy can soothe and relax both the mind and the body. For everyday use, try lavender, jasmine, or vanilla. Apart from the usual scented candles, high-tech aroma or essential oil diffusers from Revive can also be used depending on budget and preferences. You can also add a touch of nature to the room by adding a nature inspired wall decal from StickerYou. A decal along with the scent will add a lovely touch to your room

For a fresher route, there exists a super-easy do-it-yourself method for creating a natural deodorizer — just put lemon slices near the bed. Cleaning the bedroom regularly and sending smelly and sweaty clothes to the laundry also help immensely in improving the indoor air quality.

3. Enliven the Nightstand

With the pressures and responsibilities of adulthood, it’s essential to have a bedside table upon which the lamp, alarm clock, and other daily items and gadgets can be placed. Aside from the bed, the nightstand is a focal point when choosing coastal bedroom furniture, especially for those who fancy a rustic and modern theme for the bedroom.

When deciding which side table to buy, just remember two things: 1) does it fit the color scheme, finish, and design of the bedroom, closet, and even sofa, and 2) does it serve the purpose of storage and saving space?

4. Work on the Lighting

Lights play an essential role in the bedroom; they add beauty while providing functionality. When choosing the best lighting, consider its purpose, size, and effect on the overall mood of the setting.

Some recent trends go with installing bedside lights on the headboard to save space, using flat ceiling lamps for a centralized glow, and fixing wall sconces for a mysterious, tropical vibe. Repainting the walls with muted or soft colors also helps in lending a cool and relaxing flavor that compliments the lighting.

5. Open Up

Adding more square meters to the bedroom is impossible, but the illusion of roomy space can be achieved via the careful addition and arrangement of items and elements. For instance, using bifold doors contributes greatly in making the room feel more spacious.

When working with a limited budget, there are inexpensive options and minor tweaks such as mirrors and small light sources placed in strategic spots inside the bedroom. Even the simple act of opening curtains and blinds can improve space.

Whether big or small, every effort counts in turning the bedroom into its best version possible. Remember it’s your own personal space. So don’t be afraid to play with textures and colors, show your fun side, e.g., hang a piece of art that reminds of the sea, and recreate your comfort zone. Make room for practical makeover tips in the comments section.

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