5 ideas for turning your house into a castle

Whether you’re buying a new house or renovating the one you’re currently living in, you want it to become that one place on earth where you feel truly comfortable without having to worry about anything. You want your home to be like a castle, to make you feel safe and comfortable. It has nothing to do with its size, but rather with the feeling you get the moment you step in. The good news is, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on renovations to completely transform your living space. But keep in mind that all the changes can increase the value of your property, and you’ll be able to get such investments back when you decide to sell.

Don’t waste your space

Many people complain about their properties being too small, but in reality, they just don’t use their full potential. For example, by using your attic as a storage room, you’re wasting a great opportunity. Converting it into a loft is a much better use of such space. But even in smaller buildings, you can make your rooms appear a lot bigger than they actually are with the right design. To achieve such results, you should hang a lot of mirrors on the walls and use brighter colours. And if you want to go for a more serious renovation, you can install floating stairs in place of your old staircase. You’ll be surprised to see the change it’ll bring to your home.

Bring the light in

Light is a powerful tool of every interior designer. It makes everything look better, and you can use it to create a unique atmosphere in the house. If possible, replace your current windows with bigger ones to let more daylight inside. But even if you can do that, you can increase the influx of light you get by getting rid of the curtains and everything that may cover your windows. If you’re concerned about your privacy, try to choose lighter fabrics that will obstruct the view but not the light. Unfortunately, you can’t count on sunlight throughout the whole day, so it’s important to find the perfect lamps that will provide great lighting and fit in with the rest of the design. Places like staircases tend to be shadowy and dark, but there are ways to solve such problems, f.e. glass stairs design is gaining more and more popularity each year.

Make your house look great from the outside

When renovating a house, you can’t focus only on what’s inside. The outside appearance is important, as well. It will be the first thing people see when they come over to your place. And you want to make a good impression from the very first moment they set their eyes on the building. So make sure your driveway isn’t full of unnecessary things, the paint isn’t peeling off your front door, and your windows are all shiny and clean. Such small things can make a world of difference, and you’ll definitely be satisfied with the results.

Don’t forget about your garden

Many people treat their homes and their gardens as two separate things. But the reality is that they are, and should be, connected. You can create an amazing sitting area in your garden that will be an extension of your house in a way. Don’t be afraid to add architectural and decorative elements to your garden, it doesn’t have to be all about plants. Mirrors, sculptures, designer furniture, and lighting features will look great in the fresh air as well. All you need to transform your backyard into something truly incredible is creativity.

Declutter your home

There is a chance that you’re already living in your perfect home. You just can’t see its appeal behind the things that are scattered all around. Take a moment to think whether all of them are really necessary in your life. Get rid of everything you don’t want anymore or don’t use. And find the right way to store everything else. In reality, the easiest way to give your house a new look is by tidying it up. So take this step before you start making big plans, because it may turn out you don’t really need to spend money on any renovation at all.

There are many solutions you can choose to completely change the way your home looks. From adding a few small touches here and there, through redecorating to renovating the whole building. What’s the most important is choosing projects that will be appealing to you, not the ones that are simply following current trends.

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