5 Hair Tools That Every Woman Must Own

curling iron

All women love their hair and they love to style them in different ways for different occasions. But it is not always feasible to spend hours in the salon or incur huge bills for professional hair styling. The best way is to save those salon visits for some special occasions and have a personal hair styling studio at your home. Now that you have decided that you’ll take everyday styling in your hands, it’s time to have the right tools and equipments in your styling collection. From coping with a bad hair day to getting that ultimate style for work or party, you can do everything with the right tools in your arsenal. Just make sure that you have a complete collection to try our every single style under the sun. Let’s check out 5 essential hair tools that every woman must absolutely own:

Hair Dryer: To begin with the basics, a hair dryer is a gadget that a woman cannot just do without. The reason is that you need to start with hair drying, whichever style you plan to try out. It is a perfect last minute rescue if you have no time to towel dry your tresses while going to work. Moreover, you can blow dry your hair to give it the right volume and shine, besides setting them perfectly for the entire day.

Flat Iron: If you love to wear your hair straight, smooth and silky, a flat iron is one gadget that you must invest in. They are available for every hair length and can be used for easy straight styling. Flat irons with ceramic heating make the right choice for damage-free straightening as they are gentle on hair and prevent moisture loss. You can change the temperature settings according to the hair texture.

Curling Iron: Next on the list of essential hair gadgets for women is a curling iron. There are options such as tourmaline, titanium and ceramic curling irons in the market. Ceramic serves as an excellent choice because these curling irons provide fast and effective results, without causing damage to your hair. Also, curling irons come in different barrel sizes that work on different hair lengths and yield different types of curls. Small-barreled ones give tighter curls while large-barreled irons create softer curls. Like flat iron, they too can be adjusted to different temperature settings.

Hair Brushes: Hair brushes are the basic tools you need but they are probably also the most essential ones. Have a complete set of brushes as different ones fulfill different purposes. For instance, a paddle brush smoothen the hair while a round brush adds volume to it. Invest in durable, high-quality hair brushes to get the best results.

Styling Accessories: Finally, complete your hair styling kit with the right kind of styling accessories such as clips, bobby pins and ponytail bands. And don’t forget the styling spray to hold back all the hard work you have done and keep your strands in place as you step out to make heads turn.

A complete styling collection with the right tools makes a woman capable of trying out new looks and styles, without spending a fortune on professional styling. Just make sure that you pick the best quality because, after all, your crowning glory is precious to you!

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