5 Guidelines When Selling Tech Products 

There are several ways to sell tech products. There is no one perfect sales deck that works for everyone and every product. However, some ideas work better than others. Here are several sales techniques that should work well for most people with a tech-related sales deck:

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1. Be the Product Expert

If your sales pitch deck is for tech products, you need to know your stuff. You can’t fake it and expect people to believe that you’re selling a good product (and you’re not).

People buy from those they like and trust. That’s it. So do some research on how to be likable and/or trustworthy, or do a SWOT analysis on your approach. If you think this is something that can’t be learned, you might want to review some sales books on these topics. It’s not the same as reading a book like “How to Sell”.

People don’t care about what you’ve done in the past (unless it somehow relates to them), but they do care about what you can do for them in the future. So it’s not enough that you know all about the product; people need to see that you’re using your products and that you believe in them as much as they do (if not more).

2. Sell at a Lower Price

Someone once said that “the money is on the list”. This means that you need to find a way to get as many people as possible into your list so that they can discover for themselves how awesome your products are. And one of the best ways to achieve this is by offering some sort of a discount on your products.

Once you’ve gotten them to buy something from you, it’ll be much easier for them to buy similar products in the future. If they don’t like what they got as a result of their first purchase (they probably won’t), at least they’ll know that your next product is worth buying because the first one was great (right?).

Even if your first product doesn’t do as well as you had hoped, at least you still have access to all the email addresses of those who bought it. You can then send emails to remind them that you do more products and they may want to check them out.

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3. Create a Sense of Urgency

Your prospect may not want to buy the product right now, but maybe they’ll be more willing to buy it if you give them a good reason.

One of the reasons people don’t buy immediately is because they’re not ready for it. Maybe they just had some sort of an emergency and need the money more than anything else at this particular moment. If you can give them a reason to buy right now, they might just do it.

One of the most popular ways to create a sense of urgency in your sales deck outline is by offering your product at a reduced price for a limited amount of time. Once the deadline has passed, the price returns back to its original value (or higher).

Of course, if you can do a good job of marketing your reduced price, the reduced price becomes the regular price and people may consider buying from you more often.

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4. Create a Desire

If you want someone to buy a type of product, they need to see that it can solve some problems for them.

If people are aware of their problems but don’t feel like buying the solution, consider making them desire your products more. One way to do this is by using benefit stacking in your sales deck examples. You may not be familiar with this one, so I’ll explain it briefly.

You come up with a list of the most important benefits your product offers, and then you put them in order from most important to least important. You show people how each benefit works on its own, but when they get all the benefits, it’s magic!

Everyone naturally gravitates to products that contain some or all of the benefits they desire; it’s just human nature. If you can show people some (or all) of what your product can do for them, they’ll naturally want to buy it.

5. Use Smaller Testimonials

A lot of new affiliates get this strategy wrong because they think that the bigger and longer the testimonial is, the better.

But this isn’t true. When it comes to your sales letter, less is more. Bigger testimonials can overwhelm people and make them imagine that everyone else who has bought the product loves it just as much (and they might get scared).

To avoid this problem, consider showing smaller testimonials that are quick and to the point. If someone heard about your product from a friend, don’t you think it would sell better?

In Closing

You are not alone in your struggle to keep up with the latest technology trends. With new products being released every day, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth investing your money into. With these sales pitch deck examples, you can make smarter decisions when it comes to selling tech equipment.

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