5 Gifts to Send Someone Suffering from the Flu

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Lots of us have felt ourselves coming down with a cold and told everyone we have a touch of the flu. The reality is that the real flu is a very serious illness that will often see you in bed for a week and struggling to stay awake. So if you know someone suffering from the flu and wants to send them something for a pick-me-up, here are some ideas.


1. Tea

It’s true, the different types of tea can really help you cope with the symptoms of the flu. Green tea, for example, contains antioxidants called quercetin and amino acids that both help the body fight the flu. Ginger and lemon teas are brilliant if you have a cough and phlegm on your chest as it can help ease the coughing and make them more productive. And herbal teas such as elderberry tea can help with respiratory infections while echinacea tea helps to reduce the severity of viral infections (of which flu is one).

2. Olbas oil

Olbas oil is one example of a product designed to unblock your nose and make sinus pain less of a problem. You can drop it onto a tissue or even put some in a bowl of hot water and lean over the bowl with a towel over your head. So if someone is suffering from sinus problems with their flu, this kind of product can be perfect.

3. Soup

Chicken soup is the traditional remedy for cold and flu but there is some science behind it. there are a couple of reasons to give soup, particular chicken or chicken noodle, as a gift to someone with flu. One is that the hot liquid will help to unblock the nose and throat as well as causing blood vessels to dilate – this increases blood flow and helps the body clear mucous. The other is that soups are hydrating and making sure you stay hydrated, especially with a fever, is very important.

4. Vitamin C tablets

Vitamin C is helpful for boosting the body and in some people has been shown to reduce the length of a bout of cold or flu. It has antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties that can dry up a runny nose and boost the immune system to fight back against the virus. Vitamin C tablets can be easy to take so are ideal for a flu care package.

5. Flu bath salts

Having a warming bath when you have the flu might help ease symptoms and you can boost the benefit of the bath by using cold and flu bath salts. There are various recipes out there but some of the common ingredients include eucalyptus oil which is a natural decongestant and vanilla to help you relax.

If the person doesn’t like the idea of a bath, then you could substitute this for a scented candle with similar ingredients that could burn in the room and help them feel a bit better. Air purifying candles are another great idea when suffering from the flu to help clear the air in the room.


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