5 Gifts for Your Teenager

Every parent has trouble with their teenager, even if they are perfectly behaved and already showing extreme maturity. It has nothing to do with their behavior, but rather the fact that your teen is starting to finally establish who they are. They aren’t those little kids anymore; they want to discover their individuality, and because of that, it can feel like you no longer know them.

Think of teenage hood as a chrysalis stage, where your teen is trying to decide what elements of their childhood are truly them, and what kind of person they want to be. You might know who they are deep down, but because they have an idea of who they who want to be your opinions will likely clash.

So, how do you buy a gift for someone who is trying to restructure their personal self-image? You give them any of these five gifts.

A Great Everyday Phone Case

You want them to be responsible and keep their phone safe. They want their phone case to display their personality. You don’t have to fight with them in an either-or capacity. Let them have their everyday phone and you give them a crossbody cell phone case that will make it easy for them to keep it close, within easy reach, and of course, safe. They can choose their personality-establishing phone case, and you can give them a cool, easy to use phone crossbody case that makes travel and day trips simple and stylish.

A Great Day Travel Pack

Your teen will have a heavy workload at school and will also want to spend more time with their friends out of the house. `Make it easy for them by getting them a stylish, small, but very functional travel pack. It should be able to hold a lot of different items easily by utilizing its vertical space more effectively than your average backpack or tote bag.

A Gaming Console

Most teens will be crying out for a console at this point if they don’t already have one. Gaming consoles today also aren’t just for games. They are entire entertainment systems that you can add to and customize as you wish. They are perfect for watching television, playing games, connecting with friends and so much more. Their own gaming console is like a full entertainment system they will enjoy throughout college all the way until they can afford the next generation.

A Laptop or Tablet

Another big tech purchase that will serve your teen well throughout their young adult years is a laptop, or alternatively a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard. There are a variety of options out there and many laptops are very affordable and packed full of features.


An Experience Gift Card

Experiences will always make great gifts, so get a gift card for something fun and exciting that your teen can do with one or two friends. These can include the permission to use your credit card for dinner at a rooftop restaurant, for example, or a trip to a nearby spa. These are all great options to help your teen feel like the official adult they are quickly becoming.

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