5 gadgets for babies in India

Babies are the most beautiful beings who come with a lot of responsibility too. We often tend to get over cautious when it comes to our baby’s toys and gadgets. Every parent has a few baby items they absolutely can’t live without. There are a lot of new low-tech discoveries beyond any doubt to make life simpler for working mothers, including strollers that fit in your purse and toothbrushes masked as finger puppets. These gadgets have actually made our lives easier.

It is always a better option to gift your baby a rattle than gving him your smartphone to browse through youtube. It has been observed that low tech gadgets have been the best option for your growing munchkins as compared to hi-tech gadgets which at the end lead to addiction and result in distraction from free play.

Let’s give some of the most loved gadgets a quick look and buy them for our little munchkins.

Baby silicon teether pacifier glove


Babies love to chew on their hands when they’re teething, which is the reason the Baby Teether Pacifier Glove bodes well. This silicone teether fits on child’s hand left or right, they’re exchangeable, and accompanied a lash so you can attach it to an auto seat or stroller tie. The mitt also makes a crinkle noise to entertain baby as they munch away.

This silicon glove can be purchased from the firstcry store for Rs 200 per piece. You can also lookout for ongoing discounts and deals on the store and avail them by applying firstcry coupons while checking out.

Toyshine Dancing Frog With Music Flashing Lights


Our babies are quick learners and tend to enjoy watching things move and dance with lights around them. This toy features real dance steps that will keep your little one amused and engaged for a long time. The dancing frog will help your child improve his hands and eyes motor skills.

This is a battery operated product and hence will required adults supervision. Shop for this beautiful interactive toy from firstcry for Rs 216 only

Music lullaby box


The babies need to have a sound sleep and it has been observed that they fall asleep quickly with the sound of soothing music. Little kids will love all the delightful sounds and actions that comes along with this music box. Watch the flower spin when the handle is pulled! Push the little bugs antennae and watch the flower on its body spin

Buy this lullaby box from the firstcry store for $250 and let your child enjoy his sleep with amazing lullabys and calm music.

Mee mee rattle cot


The babies are still growing and exploring new things around them and they love to react to sounds and colors of any moving object. This rattle cot is going to be the best companion of your little one as it will help him learn to grab things and will help improve his eye hand coordination. This rattle cot can be placed on the cot and once placed all you need to do is to turn it on and the objects will start rotating and make sounds of birds.

This rattle cot can be purchased from the firstcry store for Rs 350 only.

Chicoo vibrating mobile


Give your baby this vibrating mobile and observe him talking on phone. It features 10 ring times with fun play and light with different vibrating effects. The noise levels at times are low, as for a toy that is held close to the ear of the baby should not damage the hearing aid of the child. All toys are manufactured and tested to check and ensure that they do not damage children’s hearing ability.

This vibrating phone can be purchased from the firstcry store for Rs 125 only.


As the babies are very small it is very important to provide them with gadgets that do not have sharp corners and are friendly on their senses. There are a lot of gadgets available on different online stores for you to buy from. All you need to take care is to buy products according to age of your baby so that it will help him improve his milestones as well as will also help him in maintain proper concentration away from other distractions like TV and mobiles.


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