5 Fun Games to Play with an RC Truck

rc truck

RC truck is such a toy grade product that will never leave you to get bored. You can make the best use of its versatility with innovative ideas. Driving around and around is no fun for a long time. When you have raced for quite a long time, you would definitely want to play something new with your favorite RC truck.

To assist you in getting some innovative ideas about what more can you play with your RC truck, we have compiled this article. Besides racing through the house or down the street, here are some fun RC truck games:

  1. Bowling Ball

Turn your RC truck into a bowling ball to get some fun. Choose grass or a paved surface as your alley. Mark the lane with a rope or paint. The lane should not be too narrow or too wide. Then set plastic pins upon a 10-pin triangle. If you can manage plastic pins, plastic water bottle, tin can or any quart sized jugs also will do the job. You can put some weight into these bottles so that they don’t fall easily. Now using your RC truck as a bowling ball, follow the common rules of real bowling.

  1. RC Truck Soccer

Playing Soccer with an RC truck is also something exciting and thrilling. And another amazing thing about this game is, where beginners and experts can play together as it doesn’t demand high speed.

Here you can use a soccer ball, beach ball or any other ball that can be pushed by all the RCs. You can mark your field with rope, stone or spraying paint. Then following the same rules of a real soccer game and have fun. During the halftime break of the game, change or recharge your battery.

  1. RC art Competition

Arranging art competition with RC toys might be an innovative gaming concept from which you can derive lots of fun. You will need poster board or big paper sheets for this game. To avoid your toy gets messy, use old wheels on your RC toy.

Spread your paper sheet on the ground and put some weight on each corner so that they don’t move much. Now pour down the paint and coat one or more wheels with it. Then simply drive back and forth across the paper sheet to paint a drawing. You can try some easy shapes like square, triangle or make a drawing like some natural scenario, based on your skill level.

  1. Build a Ramp

Ramps can be a great source of fun for the owner of RC truck or car. You can have a lot of fun without the fear of any danger in this way. Using a cardboard box, you can make your ramp ground for RCs.

  1. Stunt Competition

You can arrange for an RC stunt competition with your friends. You might be an expert in doing wild flips, long wheels or high jump with your RC truck. But can you do that faster in a row than other friends of yours?

To do this, all you need are a number of ramps, a measuring tape and boundary marking objects. Now set the ground depending on the number of people and which stunts you are going to compete. You can try the reverse jump, high jump, wheelies and more as per your skill level.

With these fun ideas, you can have so much fun and amusement with your RC truck. You can also modify these games as per your skill level and situation. Visit yourbabyneedsthis.com for more valuable guides.

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