5 Fashion Tips for Students on a Budget in 2019


Fashion has long been a true passion for many young people, and even those who don’t follow the trends still want to look stylish in a college. However, is it possible to stay in trend when your budget is limited? If you still believe that it’s not, we are going to prove you wrong!


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No doubts, college life is busy. Almost 100% of students’ time is occupied with homework, academic writing, lectures, and tests. How to find some spare time to take a look of stylish magazines? How to look nice when you spent all night choosing illustration essay topics and getting ready for exams? The answer depends on a personality, but one of those things would definitely be fashion!

Creating a sustainable and stylish wardrobe on a budget may not be too simple, but it is possible! Below we have gathered some of the best tips that will help college students make a difference and, at the same time, impress everyone with a unique, trendy style!

Get Inspired by Bloggers

If you are not an experienced shopper knowing up-to-date fashion trends, all you need to do is to follow some useful blogs focused on eco trends. As a rule, such bloggers will give you many tips and guide you through the best brands to choose from. Besides, such blogs can become an excellent source of inspiration for creating killer outfits!

Benefit from Buying Second-Hand

It will be fair to say that some people feel not too comfortable to purchase clothes that were once used by someone else. If that sounds like you, it’s fine to feel that way. However, we encourage students not to be afraid to give it at least a try!

Second-hand and charity shops are a real deal for college students on a budget. There are quite a few reasons that explain how you can benefit from shopping there:

  • It is incredibly cheap and expands your choice and gives more room for creativity;
  • Often, in a second-hand store, you can find unique, trendy items that will make you stand out from the crowd and help to highlight your individuality;
  • Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can grab a few new pieces at a ridiculously low price;
  • Shopping for second-hand clothes, you are reusing items, which is excellent in terms of eco-friendliness!

These are just some of the main reasons to use charity and second-hand shops. After all, if you find an item that is trending, in an excellent condition, and affordable, who cares if it was worn by anyone before?

Seek Out Special Deals

This tip doesn’t have much to do with the eco-friendliness, but it will definitely help you save a few bucks on shopping! The good news for people on a budget is that all shops offer sales and exclusive deals. Thus, all you have to do is to search for such deals and then you can buy cute new clothes that fit your budget.

How to find great deals? Of course, you could do this yourself, by monitoring the release of new collections because shops mostly make big sales when they need to free up some space for new stuff.

However, there is a simpler alternative. Today, there are plenty of tools and websites for finding deals and sales quickly, and with virtually no effort. We recommend students to use them. If you’re into minimalist fashion or simply want a few casual shirts, you can buy bulk discount basic tees to save money. Basic shirts, such as plain tees, polos, and sweatshirts, are wardrobe staples. Every fashionista who knows their stuff should have at least one copy of every staple in their closet.

Shop off Season

If you plan your shopping wisely, you can get great clothes at a much lower price! For example, buying a coat or sweater during the off-season can save you at least half of its regular price tag!

Buy Upcycled Clothes

Since the Environmental Protection Agency found that there is a huge textile waste, more and more brands get into upcycling, which basically allows them to create new pieces using textile waste. Buying such clothes, you can look stylish and make a big difference in terms of ecology at the same time!


source: https://www.freepik.com/free-photo/clothes-hanging_1240113.htm

Final Words

Staying in a trend on campus actually plays a vital role in the student’s socialization and success. Although they say that a person’s inner world is way more important than appearance, people are still going to judge you by how you look before they get to know you. Luckily, being fashionable is now possible even if you are on a budget!

With the simple tips mentioned above, every college student can create a fashionable and, most importantly, eco-friendly wardrobe! We all know that sustainability and ecology have been pressing issues for quite a while, which made many stores and designers more conscious about the products they offer.

Staying in trend and, at the same time, looking fabulous is now accessible. Thus, we encourage all students to follow our tips and make their wardrobes more eco-friendly! After all, although it may seem like a small thing, it can make a difference!

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