5 Fantastic Crafts as Presents

Perhaps a special occasion is just around the corner. Whether this is Christmas, the birthday of a loved one, Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Due to this, you may be in search of some sort of present ideas! How about this year, instead of buying something at the shops, you make something by yourself? There are hundreds of fantastic craft gift ideas! Try creating a gift that the person you are giving it to, will be sure to adore!

1. Baking Delicious Goods

No matter what the occasion is, one sort of gift that will always be appreciated are baked goods! If you love to cook or bake, express your love and good wishes to the recipient. This can come in the form of a scrumptious cake, a batch of cookies or even a pie! It’s really up to you. Take into consideration what the person’s favourite flavours are and make sure to incorporate those in your recipe!

2. Create String Art

Do you pride yourself on being a creative person? If this is the case, why not make a handmade craft for someone special? While this can be painting a picture or drawing something, how about you try out string art? It’s become quite a popular craft to do and it’s also fun to put together! You will need a wooden board for it, nails to hammer in and different coloured string or yarn. Wrapping the string around the hammered in nails, you’ll be able to connect the dots to illustrate an image.

3. A Scrapbook

Maybe you share a lot of beautiful moments with the person you will be giving the gift to. IIf so, how about you gather some heart-warming thoughts, words that describe them or a few fond photos and memories and adventures the two of you had together! Organise these words and thoughts in a scrapbook. Decorate it with all sorts of stickers, origami or other small tidbits. A scrapbook is a an incredibly unique present you can gift someone with! It’s expressing your shared memories in your personal style!

4. A Stovetop Potpourri Mix

Bring some relaxing aromas into anyone’s life, by simply creating a stovetop potpourri mix. Choose a set of ingredients to place in a jar, that your loved one will have to place on the stovetop and fill with water, before heating it up. Thanks to this mix of ingredients, their home will smell amazing! You can use all sorts of ingredients, including essential oils, cinnamon sticks, orange peels, rosemary and lavender! It’s completely up to you!

5. A Fuzzy Pillowcase

A cute pillowcase, that you make or decorate yourself, is also a fabulous gift idea! You may decide on knitting a cosy pillowcase. But you can buy a pre-made one and decorate it with fabric paint and fabric pens! For example, you can draw something cute on the pillowcase or write a word on it that is connected to the two of you! The person you’ll give it to will be able to use this pillowcase as decor in their home!

We trust that you have found some inspiration concerning handmade crafts as presents!

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