5 Fabulous Wedding Items You Can’t Wear Everyday (but You Wish You Could)

Weddings are all about looking your best, bedazzling your guests and tying the knot in the most fashionable way possible. This is your special day, and you’re about to give your guests a ceremony they won’t be forgotten soon. And you have to agree on one thing – no matter who’s getting married or how big the ceremony is, the guests are treated to a mini fashion show – you’ll probably see the garments that one time and never again. They’re either going back to the back of the wardrobe or getting handed down elsewhere when, in all honesty, we’d give anything to wear those beautiful garments at least a few more times.

Here are just a few “wedding” items that we’d gladly wear but, somehow, feel to be inappropriate on the streets:

Are You a Superhero?

You don’t really see people wear capes anywhere nowadays, which is such a shame. They look absolutely fantastic and can complement your wedding outfit flawlessly. Cape up and make sure to look your best. However, everyday life will get your cape stuck here and there, with you probably unable to move around without getting trapped somewhere… or falling on your face (it’s been known to happen!). The only “acceptable” version of capes are short ones, resembling longer bolero versions. They’re not as fabulous or dramatic as your long capes,but they may serve the purpose.


To Wed with A Crown

Wearing a veil is very sophisticated and traditional, but it can often clash with your overall wedding style or your goal wedding vibe. A floral crown is the perfect solution for all the girls who are looking to add a super feminine flair to their outfit and still keep things close to home. Unfortunately, no matter how adorable your wedding flower crown is, you won’t be able to wear it anywhere else. Sure, you can if you’re trying to pull a 2015 Lana Del Ray but – please don’t. Moreover, you must make sure that you pick the freshest flowers to look your best and to dazzle your guests. Also, make sure you choose the right flowers that can withstand the heat and not end up withering away within an hour or two.

Are You Goth Enough?

People might find it weird to attend a Goth wedding, but – does it really have to be dark and depressing? Not really, you have a selection of Goth wedding dresses which will look amazing, without the depressing feeling attached. Keep in mind to find a color that will suit the overall atmosphere, so that people aren’t bummed out, nor that they feel uncomfortable. The dresses might look big, yet they feel great and bring the sensual out in you. And we all know how hard it is for all the Goth Queens out there not to parade their corsets and lace around, on a regular (business) day. Ah, it’s a struggle!

Wear the Right Shoe

Finding the perfect shoes is a living nightmare. Every time I was late, it was due to not being able to find the shoes I wanted to wear. Ivory wedding shoes look simply gorgeous, and they feel elegant, but they’re a pain to take care of if you want to wear them every day. Still, they do bring about that princess vibe, don’t they? If you have the patience to take good care of them – go for it and wear them whenever your heart’s telling you to!

PVC or Not?

Latex and PVC clothing is not for everyone and unless you feel comfortable in them, you should avoid them. Most people will second-guess your life choices as soon as they see you, but – that doesn’t mean you can’t put together a fabulous dress for the wedding. Don’t try to wear it to work though, as you’ll end up being the talk of the office, and NOT for a good reason.

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